Saturday, November 1, 2008

a romp in the hay then doing our patriotic duty...

Good afternoon folks -

I am so glad to finally get some feedback on the blog. I was really unsure of how this whole thing we be received but so far everyone has been fantastic! We just hope that you all will gather up the courage to leave a comment to let us know you are around.

So it is another beautiful, sunny, temperate Saturday here in Geneva, Ohio.
Our grand plans today involved our scheduled AM "baby dance" romp followed by a trip to our local Board of elections to vote early.

The DH - (darling husband) was a bit on the cranky side this AM thus making it a tad difficult to convince him to get into the mood. Much coercion, guilt and pouting ensued with me winning of course! :) Sheesh - all that complaining for a good 10 minutes - (oops did I write that out loud?) Anyhoo - the deed got done and we were able to move on with our day. WOOHOO!

We headed out to our local Board of Elections which is in Jefferson, Ohio. All I need to say is if Geneva is considered a small town, then Jefferson is considered tiny. The board of elections was a bit dated to say the least. We did have to wait about 45 minutes but at least we avoided the lines for Tuesday. I am relieved we got to do this early - and I am very excited to see what the outcome of this election will be ! (Hoping OBAMA wins!) (Sorry McCain fans)

So that's pretty much our excitement so far for the day - I think a bit of relaxation will be the agenda for the rest of our day. Who knows - maybe I will coerce DH back into bed later!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend - Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!

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