Friday, November 7, 2008

I am getting SOOOO old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning folks,

Boy am I feeling old - I actually went to sleep last night at 8:30pm.
I haven't done that since I was in grade school. My work day was not busy either so I can't use that as an excuse.

I also realized yesterday after reading my latest blog that .....
Blogging caffeinated leads to spelling and grammar issues!
Sorry folks!

So I spoke with my Doug, my oldest brother and he is all set to come out on the 15th. I am so looking forward to seeing him and his girlfriend, Lulu. Doug and I have always had a very special relationship. He pretty much "gets" me and I love him for that!
It doesn't hurt that my husband really likes him too!

So today is 6dpo and really nothing fantastic to share. Yesterday when I was at work I did notice feeling a bit dizzy. I am chalking that up to low blood sugar however as it seemed to get better after demolishing a bag of M&M's.
We had another incredibly beautiful day with sunshine and high temps. I walked to work again and loved every minute of it! I am sincerely sad about this weekends weather report as it looks like we will be in the low 40's with rain/snow. BOO HISS!!!!!

I so need to get my hair cut this weekend as I cannot do a thing with my hair. Thank goodness Jim is "hair challenged" and I cut his hair. The hair that is supposed to grow on his head seems to have a way of sprouting up elsewhere on his body!
The money we save on Jim's lack of hair is definitely used on my overabundant hair so it all balances out!

Since I feel like I don't have too much to share this morning I will wrap it up for now but will probably try to post later. Have a great day and fantastic weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Number 1. ["Incredibly" beautiful day... ]
{"Sincerely" sad.......]
These, my dear, are called adverbs. Get rid of them. Stomp them. They grow like dandelions and if I see more than ONE (1) in any entire future post, you will be properly chastised. Try reading the book you NEVER returned called "On Writing" by S. King.

Number 2. As a cab driver, I am "seriously, enjoyably, happily," elated at the weather forecast. :PPPPP

ANNNNNND... (drum roll)
Number 3. Where *is* this "overabundance of body hair" ?!?!? Tsk tsk. I thought we discussed that long ago. Such Michigan Gus!!!!