Monday, November 3, 2008

I love it when my temp goes up, up and away.....

Morning all,

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee? Well I do - and I am drinking it right now. Oh - and for those of you who are saying to yourselves...."isn't caffeine a bad thing while TTC?"
My answer is this - Those of you who know me - know that I tend to err on the side of having an obsessive nature. In that vain, I have avidly researched the "caffeine issue" and "fertility". Depending on the year, study and researcher, you will find much disagreement on this subject. It seems to be that 50% of the researchers found absolutely no problem with moderate consumption of caffeine in relation to fertility issues. About 25% found significant problems with any caffeine consumption. The final 25% actually found that moderate consumption of caffeine for the man while TTC may actually help the swimmers giving them an added boost.
So this is an issue where you have to make your own informed decision and based on that I have chosen to have my one cup of DUNKIN DONUTS coffee every morning. That is my total caffeine intake for the day and gosh darn-it my "advanced maternal age" necessitates me having this pick me up. (If you have seen me first thing in the AM, you know this is true!)

That's my story and I am sticking to it! (sticks her tongue out at you all! )

So the temp this morning is looking fabulous which means in laymens terms that I probably ovulated yesterday! Can I get an AMEN?
I just have to wait another day or two to verify with my temps that this is the case. (although I already know this is the case) So all this means is that Jim and I have another "date" tonight to ensure we cover all our bases! Now I made him some special pecan chocolate-chip cookies last night so he better be bringing some "serious hopped-up swimmers" to our party tonight! I have spoken! LOL

I have a dear TTC friend I met online - (hey TATER) who emailed me this morning. It was the absolute BEST email and as such I just had to share it with you all! (hope you don't mind)

I had to e-mail you and tell you about my dream last night. You were in it
and you can decide what it means if you want and I will give you my idea. I
was at grocery store shopping and someone said that look at these hotdogs
and it was a pack of Oscar Meyer hotdogs and your picture was on everyone of
the packs. It was the picture that you sent with your wedding dress on by
the tree. Now what it means I have no idea but I believe that it means you
are going to get pregnant with a son with a big weiner and you are going to
name him OSCAR@@@ LOL

Have a great week and stay out of my dreams... (ha)

Who doesn't love that kind of dream? Anyhoo - I think there HAS to be something to that
dream! Anyone have other ideas? I would love to hear them!
I emailed her back saying I loved her thoughts on this!

So that's life on the "baby train" this morning. Nothing too exciting.

By the way - I forgot to mention that my oldest brother Doug, is coming to visit
in a few weeks and I am really excited. He lives in California and I don't get to
see him much at all. It will be so nice to get to spend some time with him and Jim
really loves spending time with him too. I guess this means I am going to have to
clean up my ebay room so that he has some space to spread out when he visits.
Ugghhhh - I hate cleaning but love my brother so it's totally worth it!

That's really it for this morning - gotta run another few errands before heading
off to work. Will try and catch ya'll later. Hugs and such!

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