Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OBAMA won - and the doc called me back.....

Morning all,

So I am amazingly tired from staying up last night to watch the polls HOWEVER it was so worth it when OBAMA won! It is just mind-blowing that we witnessed history! I really hope and pray that this is the start of something wonderful. Time will tell.

Thank you to those who responded to me yesterday when I was having my snit - it did help me to feel better. I also decided to call the fertility center to let them know what happened at that the MRI was rescheduled. I talked with the nurse who honestly sounded baffled. I asked that the doc give me a call back as well.

The Doc did call back last night but I could not pick up the phone at that moment. She left a voicemail saying that in her entire time as a doc at the clinic, she had NEVER had their MRI dept. refuse a patient because of possible pregnancy. She said that she was stunned when she heard what had happened and that her staff also was unaware of this "protocol". She went on to say that possibly it was something new but she truly was just amazed.

The ONLY thing I can think of in this equation that it could be, was the MRI contrast medium. I was unaware they were planning to give this to me in the first place. The tech told me that the radiologist sometime use this help visualize the structures better. Maybe the doc was unaware they were using the contrast. Who the heck knows but in any case - I do feel somewhat better knowing that the fertility center really had never run into this problem before.

So basically I had all out "pout fest" yesterday with full knowledge I was only allowed one day.
Sometimes a good old fashioned pout is just what you need. I am most certainly in a better frame of mind this morning.

I believe my new inner mantra for this month is going to be.............................................................

Now I just have to practice BELIEVING that!!!!!

Have a wonderful day all - will probably be back tonight for more!


Anonymous said...

Oh MAURY!!! It's TILTED!! I just KNOW it is!!! Oy Vey!!

RadioKitten said...

Now if only Barack would mandate infertility coverage for everyone...;-)