Saturday, November 29, 2008

A 20lb turkey for 2 people......Oy Vey!!!!!!

This is about the amount of food Jim and I ingested over the last two days!!! It's amazing how you promise yourself that you won't overeat each year at Thanksgiving and then you smell the turkey baking all day and that goes right out the window!!!!

I will say that the turkey was awesome and it was our first attempt at cooking a full turkey rather than a turkey breast.

Jim and I did decide to brave the crowds yesterday on Black Friday and did fairly well all in all. We ended up getting a few things we both needed. We didn't really get out there shopping until around 8:30am and I think the madness was finally dying down by that time. We headed in Mentor to do our shopping as Geneva really has no major retailers. Our friends Ed & Steph ended up going out shopping in Mentor too. They called us around 10am and asked where we were. As it happened, we were very close to where they were and we ended up helping them bring home a few new bikes for their children. (We have a truck) It all worked out really well. We stopped and had breakfast with them and then we all headed home for a solid afternoon nap!

I decided to make some killer leftover turkey sandwiches for dinner last night. I used a loaf of crusty Italian bread and added melted butter for toasting. After I got the bread nice and browned, we added the leftover turkey and some shredded cheese. We browned them again to melt the cheese and finished them off with some lettuce and a bit of Italian dressing.
It was SOOOOOOO good!!!!!! We still have plenty of turkey and now turkey sandwich left.

Jim and I did go over to Ed & Steph's last night to hang out. We watched "Hancock" the movie which was great and then we played "Battle of the Sexes" board game. It was a hoot - we laughed our butts off. It is a bit scary to find out the things your spouse actually knows!!!!

Life in "BABYLAND" is trudging along - CD15 today and ovulation is imminent! Got my positive OPK yesterday so it's go time! Needless to say Jim and I are trying to make the most of our off time together. I just love the timing. Not too much else to share but you all know that if anything juicy pops up I will be SURE to let you know. Hehehehe!

Jim and I set up all the holiday decorations today - We got a new menorah which is pretty cool and the tree looks beautiful too!!!
Here is a pic ( not a great one but you will get the idea)
Best of both world's I think!!!!

Love you all

J & J

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