Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay's the week of Thanksgiving and for those die-hard
bargain shoppers, you are probably preparing for your favorite "holiday" of all.....................................................
BLACK FRIDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Friday shopping was something I never did until I met my husband Jim. He took me for the first time about a year after we started dating. All I can say is that I was in heaven and completely tweaked with excitement. I remember driving store to store and checking out the lines of people trying to decided if we were going to battle our way inside.
I had a blast.

Fast forward a few years and I can tell you now that my aging feelings have changed just a bit.
I am much more inclined now to stay in bed for a few extra hours and possibly miss out on that
"deal of the year". Jim and I have found that it is really not necessary to be out at the store ultra-early to get some of the great deals. We have waited til 10am on Black Friday to go shopping and have actually done very well. I think that may be our plan for this year - at least it's mine (not sure about Jim) .

Today was my first day back at work after the whole "kidney stone" debacle. Although I only work half days on Mondays, it was fairly tiring! I think my body, mind and soul are all trying to catch back up! It was good to see everyone again and feel functional. It was also nice to be missed!

On the "BABY TRAIN" - Although Jim and I don't think that we will get preggers without doing IVF, we decided we are not giving up trying naturally while we save money. I have read about so many women having it happen when the "odds" were against them - so we continue to try and keep the faith!
Today is CD10 and I have been testing with my Ovulation tests.
Nothing has shown yet but judging from my body, I think I am gearing up to "O" soon.
Jim is still a bit nervous with me in general as well as in the bedroom.
He keeps telling me he is worried I might still be "broken" (this is what he has said through all my medical stuff this year) He does not want to hurt me.
I am cleared by my primary doc as well as the surgeon so I feel confident that my body is doing fine. I just hope that Jim will relax a bit as time passes. We shall see.

As for the holidays, I told Jim that all I really wanted is to add to our IVF Fund. There is nothing gift-wise that would make me happier than adding to our savings and allowing us to doing IVF sooner. I have told my family that if they do want to give us holiday gifts this year, that adding to the IVF fund would be fantastic! It is truly amazing how your priorities shift when you are on this journey. I would be willing to give up so many things in order to make this dream come true. I know if we continue saving it will happen, but sometimes it feels so far away. Patience has never been one of my strong suits. I guess I will have to learn quickly!

So that is where I am for today.....looking forward to a short week and a lovely Thanksgiving with my absolutely FABULOUS husband (he is the best!)


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