Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My hair grows too fast.......

This is the amount of hair I felt like I started with today! It is amazing to me how fast my hair grows especially with it being as short as it is.
So I feel like a new woman now that I got it cut! Got the eyebrows waxed as well so I am having a good day so far. Nothing like hair removal to pick up a ladies spirit!!!

Thank goodness it finally quit snowing yesterday as we got about 6 inches when it was all said and done. I had to officially break out my winter boots which are a pair of pink/gray monsters that basically keep my feet warm and dry. STYLISH they are NOT!!!!!!
I would love to own a pair of cute winter boots however when you wear a size 11W (thanks for the genetics dad) you don't have much of a choice. My dear husband lovingly says I have "buffalo feet" - Thanks hon! Some days I truly feel that way. The choices are much slimmer when you reach a size 10+ in ladies shoes. In a weird way, I am grateful because I am sure if I could just choose freely from all the adorable styles out there, I would go completely overboard.

There must have been a grand plan when God handed these monsters for me to stand on! At least that's what I choose to think anyway.

10DPO today and aside from a bit of fatigue I have had there is nothing really exciting to share as far as any early preggers sign/symptoms. I have been a "good girl" in holding out to POAS.
The peesticks in my bathroom are still in place and intact. Only 4 more days til I can take one!
My temps are still looking good but that can change quickly.

I wish women came with pop up timers that activated the minute the embryo implanted in your uterus. It would be so much easier....you could be sitting at works and ........
"DING" up pops your belly button timer. You are "PREGGERS" - Nice and simple.
No ripping apart pregnancy tests because you think you see a faint second line. No going pharmacy to pharmacy to find the "right" preg test because you want to find the brand that will give you your BFP!
If it were only that easy.......( a girl can dream...right?")

Well folks, it's almost time for me to head into work so I will say goodbye for now. Stay out of trouble!

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