Sunday, November 23, 2008

.....ahhhhh - the peace & quiet

The pic is of our whole immediate family - it's the first time we have all been together since Jim & I got married. Going from the back left and heading right you have..........................................

Jim & Jenn :)
Lulu & Doug (girlfriend & brother from CA.)
Jon (brother) Dad & Mom , Jenny (S.I.L.)
(Mom is holding Scott the newest nephew)
bottom row - Sam, Seth, Simon (the nephews)
All four of the boys belong to Jon & Jenny..............

It was fantastic to have the whole family together again. We spent the afternoon just catching up and watching "Kung Fu Panda" with the boys.

Jim & I went down to Mom & Dad's house around 11am so that we could spend some time with my brother & Lulu BEFORE the kids got there. It was really nice to just spend some quality time together. It was also nice to have about an hour of "quiet" time before the kids converged on the house! I am sure for those of you have have multiple children you understand.

My nephews are 10yrs old, 8 yrs old, 4 yrs old, and 2 months respectively. It gets a bit loud with them especially after they are fed and rested! I loved it though!

I got to spend some time with Dad just to see how he was feeling. He is doing fairly well although I am of the opinion he still looks to me like he has another stone to pass. He just has this look to him that makes me think so. Only time will tell but in the meantime, my mom is pushing fluids on him like white on rice!

I got in some outstanding "baby time" holding my nephew Scott. He is such a good baby! He is a total "scruncher" - when you hold him he just scrunches up his legs, arms and shoulders and snuggles in! It is the cutest thing. My 10yr. old nephew Sam, made sure to show me how to change Scott's dirty diaper. It was a hoot watching him show me how good he was. Here is a pic from when he was born................

After we took the family pic, Jim and I scooted home for the evening. I was pretty tired and I think we both needed some quiet time.

Sometimes after holding the baby, I feel sad and sometimes I feel hope. Today I felt a mixture of contentment, hope, faith and a small amount of bittersweetness. I don't know when or if God will grant Jim and I a child of our own- I just hope and pray that whatever may happen, that God grants us the strength to deal with it.

Well folks - off to fold some laundry and then bed! Hope you all had a great weekend!
Talk at ya tomorrow!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great pic of the family! But it *is* somewhat troubling that there is nary a matzah ball to be seen.... :-)