Friday, November 21, 2008

A tale of two turkeys.....

So Jim comes home from work yesterday evening and is banging on the door to let him. He usually just waltzes right in without even a whisper.
I lumber out of the recliner chair to see what all the fuss is about.
I open the door and there is Jim with his lunch box under his arm and a huge 20 lb. turkey hanging from each hand.

It was really QUITE THE SITE!!!! Apparently his work decided on a special "Thanksgiving bonus" of sorts.
It was a nice gesture however I am a bit afraid that a 20 lb. turkey may be a BIT TOO MUCH poultry for two people.

We are storing the extra turkey for one of Jim's co-workers. It may become ours if he decides he doesn't want it. If that becomes the case, we decided to donate it to one of the local churches.

The winter weather is now in full gear!
Aside from all the snow we have gotten, it got bitter cold last night.
I deal much better with the snow when the temp is not awful. This is the weather that makes you want to put on your flannel PJ's and curl up under the covers. Unfortunately you have to leave the house at some point.

CD7 today and got to pee on my first ovulation test strip for the month - YIPPEE!!!! Always an exciting venture in bathroom for Jenn! I had a matter of fact discussion with Jim yesterday letting him know that since I am no longer "broken" (as he likes to call it when I am ill) I intend to jump right back on the baby train. I gave him all my googled info on Hernia's and TTC so he could not argue (he never really does anyway). He just nodded and mumbled to himself as he usually does and proceeded to go work on his computer. (Gotta let the men process these things). Maybe he and I will get in some "special snuggle" time this weekend. We shall see!

Dad came home from the hospital today - WOOHOO!!!! I am so happy he is home as I am sure he is also! Jim and I intend to head down to visit the whole family on Sunday, including my brother Doug and his girlfriend Lulu. It will be really great to see everyone together.
That is really the tall and short of it as of now......Will keep you all posted.

Stay warm or cool whatever the case may be!

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