Saturday, November 8, 2008

KUNG FU PANDA is out on video - HURRAY!!!

Good day friends,

Another typical fall day in NE ohio. The leaves are falling everywhere and the temp is on it's way down.
We have already been out and about this morning. We were sure to get our rented copy of KUNG FU PANDA first at our local Blockbuster store.
I don't care what ANYONE says, this movie ROCKED!!!!! When we saw it at the movie theater, Jim and I were the only adults there without children.

Jim is my special "KUNGFU PANDA" - LOL! If you have met him, you know they do share a certain "likeness". hehehe

Anyhoo - with movie in hand we finished up our weekend errands and are back home to probably snuggle in for an afternoon nap.

I am 7DPO and am trying with all my might to ignore any feelings my body is having. I have spent too many months letting myself feel and/or believe that a "specific feeling or symptom" is surely the pre-cursor to my BFP only to have the stupid witch fly in and dash my hope for that cycle! It is very hard to ignore however especially when you chart daily.

So here is something interesting for this cycle:
A few months back, I was following a post on my Two Week Wait boards and one of the girls was talking about this psychic who does TTC readings. Many of the women on the this board had readings done by her and she seemed pretty accurate. Now I don't know if I fully believe in this kind of stuff BUT I was pretty curious nonetheless!

I decided to give it a shot to see what she would come up with.
Here was her "prediction" for me as far as TTC.....

Im seeing a find out/conceive or give birth month between Nov/Dec so
either find out/conceive in between Nov/Dec this year or give birth in
between Nov and Dec 2009 Im seeing a boy around this pregnancy im
seeing him with medium brown to dark brown hair. I am seeing him with
what feels to be hazel or brown eyes, not sure to be honest, but feels
on the darker side of one of the 2. This boy feels to have a baby
face even when hes older, especially in the cheeks I see him having
your eye shape, your nose, and your mouth shape.

The 1st thing I see about your son is that he comes off being
VERYsocialable and just people being VERY drawn to him. Just seems his
personality really shines and has this healing/upbeat energy too
it.Feels like when others are around him they will have no choice but
to be in a good mood because he will naturally make them feel better.
I also see him just really loving to be around people at all times,
more the better, especially when it comes to being around those in his
family. Even when hes a baby you will notice he gets to sleep much
quicker if theres constant noise, chatter, and laughter around. So if
you ever have a hard time getting him to bed record you and your
partners voices along with everyday noises and he will be off to sleep
in a heartbeat.

I also see your son being EXTREMLY polite from a very young age. This
will go into adulthood and I see whatever woman hes with he will treat
her with utmost respect and shower her with attention and gifts. I see
him just really having a feeling about him of being old fashioned
combined with likeing the fact of feeling heroic/chivalrious. Hes
definatly the kind that feels that he will open doors for others all
the time, say yes sir and maam, and that will always buy his wife
flowers everyday for no particular reason. Even when hes a child he
will have this sense of romanticism about him and because of this I
see him being a flirt from an early age too lol.

I see him in a career related to the science industry. Love, Ruby 

So that is that - and despite the fact that I would probably NOT admit it to anyone,
there is a tiny, itsy-bitsy little part of my heart that wonders given her reading
if THIS Nov/Dec. is "the one" where I WILL get my postive peestick!

I guess only time will tell. The description she gives of our "baby Barnhouse" does sound
very plausible. Jim was very happy with the fact the she predicted a boy - we shall see.

Anyhoo - I am off to get into my flannel PJ's and go take a leisurely afternoon nap!

Will chat at ya'll later!

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