Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween folks!

I love Halloween - it gives us adults fair license to dress up in costume and eat lots of candy! WOOHOO!

I sort of chickened out for dressing up completely for work. I thought that wearing a complete witch costume to work at the city MIGHT not be the best idea. So instead I took the hat and wore it with some added dramatic black eye makeup for good measure! Not to bad and my boss actually like it!

The other weird news is that the temp did a wonderful thing today - it went UP UP UP! WOOHOO again! It is like 64 degrees and sunny. There is a delightful balmy breeze too. I love it and am going to try and suck up every once of warmth I can! Weather in NE Ohio just about kills me sometimes!

Not much going on in the TTC front - CD11 today and according to my signs and symptoms...... we are officially in "my fertile time" (this is where a great sound effect would be perfect)
DH is completely under-whelmed! This just means scheduling in our "babydance" time in the evenings. Yes, I said schedule! We have both found if we don't schedule the time, one or the other of us will fall asleep before we get to it! LOL - yes we ARE getting old! Gone are the spontaneous days of hot, steamy impromptu sex in the kitchen or living room. I miss the old days! Such is life in the "baby lane"

I am pretty sure our biggest dilema tonight will be what to have for dinner. I am voting for Chinese! We shall see! Not too much else to share - I hope to hear from some of my visitors soon!



RadioKitten said...

"Life in the baby lane!" I am totally stealing that! I did dress up for work yesterday...I wore Rick's Russian hockey jersey, a ton of lipstick and a hockey stick with a sign at the top reading, "Hockey Moms for Obama!" But we only had 10 trick or sad...


Jim and Jenn said...

RADIO - I love ya honey! Thanks for being my first commenter (is that even a word?) Love that you are for OBAMA - me too and DH and I just placed our votes for him this morning! Crossing our fingers!!!!