Thursday, November 27, 2008

Family & overeating...could it get any better?

Well here we are folks....Thanksgiving day 2008! I am sure most of you are at home in your PJ's watching Macy's Thanksgiving day parade or in the kitchen preparing your overindulgence for the day.

Jim was up super early this morning to start prep on the 20lb. turkey he is cooking for us. YES - you heard me right - a 20lb turkey for the two of us. It's the free turkey his work gave out this year. We figured we would have our Thanksgiving day meal and PLENTY of leftovers. We can always freeze some too!
I won't go into lurid detail however I will say that he was quite the site when I came into the kitchen this morning. It involved some lack of clothing and some oven mitts.

It is a true Thanksgiving memory I will NEVER forget!!!

It has been sort of an unspoken tradition for the two of us to spend Thanksgiving together here in Geneva. Jim loves to prepare the meal so it all works out.

We spent the morning watching a movie together but I suspect that Jim will spend the afternoon parked in front of his big screen watching football. If figure he deserves it after cooking all afternoon!

I have plans to try and relax the next few days. It was a bit rough being back at work and trying to catch up. I was also worried about Dad and his "kidney stone" status. I am truly hoping that we are both over the worst of all the medical stuff going on. It seems that way but you just never know!

I am also hoping to spend a little more "special quality babydancing" time with Jim over the next few days. I figure that is a fantastic way to take advantage of our time off together!!!
Who knows.....we may even get a bonus in 9 months if all works out. It never hurts to keep trying!

So it's all about food and relaxing today and then tomorrow.................................................................
The shopping is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to send out a special thank you and blessing to all my friends and family out there.
This was a rough year and I want you all to know that Jim and I appreciate all your support, patience and love. We are amazingly grateful for who and what we have in our lives. Thanks for sticking by us on this journey. Please know each of you in your own way has helped keep our hope and faith strong. Wishing each and everyone of you a blessed & joyous Thanksgiving and year!

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