Sunday, November 2, 2008

Guess whose poppin out an egg? :)

Morning all,

Gotta love daylights savings time - at least in the fall! It was really nice to have that extra hour to curl up under my covers this morning. At least until my "pleasantly plump" kitty cat decided to take a flying leap right on to my hip (OUCH!!!!) Lucky for him - he is pretty adorable at times.

I was thinking about my baby journey and realized that there are so many of you out there who are unfamiliar with all the trying to conceive slang - so to help all those folks out......

WELCOME TO TTC 101 - a primer in creating a baby!
Here are a few of the more common abbreviations:

TTC = trying to conceive
DH = Darling husband
AF = Aunt flo (your period - aka the witch)
BD = Babydance (aka-sex)
POAS = peeing on a stick
HPT = home pregnancy test
OPK = ovulation predictor kit
CM = cervical mucus
EWCM = eggwhite cervical mucus (the really fertile kind)
DPO = days post ovulation
CD = cycle day
BFN = big fat negative
BFP = big fat positive
IUI = intra-uterine insemination
IVF = invitro fertilization
O = ovulation, ovulate
RE = reproductive endocrinolgist (fertility doc)
S/A = semen analysis
TWW = two week wait

There are literally hundreds more but for the sake of time and my poor fingers we will leave it at that. I will try to elaborate on any abbreviations that may need further explanations.

So I tell you all this so that I can share my POAS experience yesterday!
I was CD12 yesterday and have been testing with my ovulation test strips for a few days now.
I tested yesterday afternoon and evening and got BLAZINGLY positive results!
So to explain - when a woman gets a positive ovulation test result it means she is catching her lutenizing hormone surge. This usually precedes ovulation by 12 -36 hours.
Since I already knew from some of my other fertility signs that I was in my "fertile time" I was watching and waiting for my BFP ovulation test. Well, yesterday was it!

In the land of baby-making - the woman is most fertile the 4 days prior to and the day of ovulation. So in terms of timing our baby dancing, DH and I are right on track this month. Now we are on an every other day BD schedule due to the docs recommendations. This helps Jim's swimmers replenish and recharge in between. This also helps to diminish any grumbling on Jim's side about the "on demand sex" Who would have ever thought THAT would be a problem?

I can definitely tell this morning that I am in total "ovulation" mode. Judging from the side discomfort I am having, I am popping out one heck of an egg from my right side. I know, I know....probably more than you really wanted to know but you ARE reading my blog for goodness sake! LOL

Not much else to tell - just another lazy Sunday afternoon here. My plans this afternoon really revolve around making homemade calzones for Jim. He has to have something special to eat while watching "the game" (Jenn just shakes her head) Gotta throw a few loads of laundry in the wash too. So much fun! Hope you all enjoyed sleeping in a bit! HUGS

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mom schonfeld said...

TMI= Too much info! Only Kidding. GLPFY=Good luck,praying for you. M.S.=Mom Schonfeld