Friday, November 14, 2008

Okay.....I am officially NOT talking to my body!


Sorry for missing a day of posting but it's been a bit hectic.
I know I left you all with my last post about the "finding of the hernia" saga......

Since then, I have been to the E.R. for further testing as well as off to see the surgeon for a consult.

The good news is that my bowel is NOT trapped at this point which eliminates emergent surgery
The bad news is that I have two hernia's - one rather large one over my sternal area and one lower in my mid-abdomen. The surgeon I saw does not do laproscopic hernia repair and referred me to a doc in Cleveland that does. He did say he was unsure if I would even be a candidate for laproscopic surgery anyway.

Based on that news, I contacted the surgeon who did my surgery earlier this year and made an appt. - Their office basically said that most likely if I had to have the hernia's surgically repaired that it would be another " open surgery " based on the fact that I have already had prior surgery this year.

Let me just share that "THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR"

So now I sit here trying to absorb this all - not understanding why and trying to swallow the knowledge that I will most likely be "off the baby train" again for another several months!

This totally blows! I am sick of doctors, tests, surgery and in general, feeling like a lab experiment. I am SO not ready to undergo surgery again after just having it earlier this year.

I know I wished for a way to make my two week wait go faster and with less obsession but " C'MON".......really?

One ironic thing is that my MRI that got "rescheduled" due to possible pregnancy is supposed to be done on this coming up Monday. I am still debating whether to go ahead with it or not. It almost seems fruitless at this point as I know we won't be doing anything "TTC" related for quite awhile.

We shall see.....I will try and keep you all in the loop as I know more.

I am looking forward to one thing - my brother Doug will be here tomorrow and I get to spend some time with him. Hopefully that will take my mind off of things!

Have a great weekend all!

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RadioKitten said...

UGH, Jenn...I am sending you GIANT HUGS. You certainly have dealt with waaaay more than your fair share of this crap this year.