Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IRONY is the name of the game.....

Irony comes in many I think my family became the "true definition" of Irony. Let me share why..........................

Dad is still hospitalized but is doing much better. It was determined that his symptoms seem to be a result of him passing a kidney stone and NOT a bowel obstruction. His surgeon felt confident enough in this diagnosis this afternoon that they clamped off his N/G tube (naso-gastric tube) and allowed him to take some tylenol by mouth. He did very well all afternoon and had no further stomach issues. He did however have some increase in side pain which was definitely that pesky kidney stone making it's way down his ureter. They were able to medicate him and continue to give him I.V. fluids to help pass that lil sucker. It appears that if all continues to go this way, he will pass the stone and will be able to go home without having any surgery. This is all fantastic news!!!!!

I had my follow-up appt. with the partner of the surgeon who did my surgery in April. (the surgeon who did my surgery has moved out of state) Anyhoo.....Dr. Stellato saw me this afternoon. He did a pretty thorough review of my all my medical records over the last month and he really feels that my latest symptoms and hospitalization are a result of a kidney stone.
YEP...that's right .....I said a kidney stone!
Apparently there has been a stone in my right kidney and both times I was at the E.R. , I had blood in my urine. I do definitely have a large epigastric hernia additionally however he does not feel that was the cause of my latest problems. He also said that he really felt that this hernia will not cause me problems because it is large. Apparently the small hernia's are the trouble-makers. He did not feel that I should have surgery at this time. He said that if it caused problems down the line then we could always fix it then. He also said that having hernia repair surgery is pretty painful and he usually recommends waiting until you have a real problem.
So - NO surgery for now! I am so relieved and happy I cannot begin to tell you.

Do you see the irony here? I don't think you could make this up if you tried!

So we are both very happy about the way things turned out as of now. I just pray things remain on this upswing. Hopefully Dad will pass his stone quickly and be home toot-sweet!
As for me, I just plan on hanging in there. Thanks to everyone who said an extra prayer - we both appreciate it!

I am off to bed for the it's been a long day.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh girl!!! I just found your blog and cannot believe what you and your family are going through. It sounds like everyone is going to be OK though. I'm just curious about what's going to happen to your dad when you get a BFP? will he POAS too? hugs and prayers.... Batty from TWW

Jim and Jenn said...

It was so incredibly awesome of you to stop by and say hello! We are all on the upswing now! Thanks so much for stopping by...HUG and prayers to you too!