Monday, November 10, 2008


Okay - so we have established that I do NOT like cold weather. In true form, we got a rude "weather awakening" last night.
After having a week of sunny weather in the 70's last week - Mother nature decided to take a proverbial "dump" on NE Ohio.
I awoke in the middle of the night last night to the electricity going off. I happened to peak outside and almost fell over! We had 3 inches of wet, slushy snow and it was coming down like crazy!!!
I believe the electric outage was due to the heavy snow on the lines. The electricity stayed off for several hours (forcing me to snuggle even more with Jim) At around 3:30am it came back on only to go off again early this afternoon for an hour or so.
I am currently typing as fast as I can in the event we lose power again!

Visited Akron yesterday morning and got to spend some time with Mom and Dad. It was great to see them. Jim loves visiting my parents however I believe the "real" reason he loves to go to Akron has to do with his favorite drive-in restaurant called "Swenson's".

For those of you who attended our wedding, you can attest to Jim's love and devotion to this fantastic burger joint! Since I grew up in Akron, I had the pleasure of introducing Jim to this special place. I think I took him there on our 3rd date. We have been going there ever since. Jim loved it so much that we actually served some of their burgers as appetizers at our wedding.
This place is an old-time drive-in burger joint which has incredible burgers, onion rings, and a great selection of shakes/malts. If you are ever in the Akron area, it is well worth the stop to have lunch.

On the baby front, today is 9DPO for me and the urge to pee on a stick is growing strong.
I am really trying with all my might to hold out testing until I am "officially late" which would be Sunday the 16th. I don't know if I will cave or not. Once I get into double digit days post O, I lose all perspective and willpower. My peesticks start calling out to me .........................................

"Jenn - woohoo....Jenn.....come get know you want to - one little test won't could be your BFP.......You can always buy more later!"

I feel like I should wear a shirt that says, " I HEAR PEESTICKS!"

Thank goodness for my fellow TTC'ers - they help me feel a little less crazy about this sort of thing and have usually been there themselves!

That is my scoop for today folks - I need to get myself ready for work. I also have to allow a bit of extra time to "scrape snow" off my car! AAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Have a good day and wonderful week!

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