Sunday, November 30, 2008

The egg timer has sounded!!!

Yep, you guessed's "go time"!!!! I had a fantastic temp rise on my chart this morning meaning I popped this months eggie yesterday at some point! Must have been all the leftover turkey in addition to some killer holiday shopping! A great combination if I might say so myself!
Jim and I have been very good about our "baby dancing" - I am pretty sure we would have covered all our bases as far as timing goes.
If it were only a question of the timing how easy this would it goes!

Today Jim and I are finishing up some gift shopping and are also going to pick up a bit more stuff to decorate the outside of the house. I think we both are moving smoothly into this holiday season so far. No major catastrophe's at this point but time will tell. In all truth our biggest worry at this point is preventing our cat "Baby" from peeing on the Christmas tree skirt.
He did this like a champ last year! So far so good but he can be a real stinker when he wants to be. Gotta LOVE animals!!!!

Jim and I went down to visit Mom & Dad's last night for dinner. My uncle and aunt were visiting from Philadelphia, so we had the chance to spend some family time with them. It was really a great night. We had dinner and then just shmoozed the rest of the evening away.

Dad still looks a bit worn to me - I guess that is to be expected as he has so far passed at least three stones. Unfortunately, he may have more to come. I really hope that he is over this bout with them and will be back to his old self soon!

That is about the size of it for today - Hope you all had great holidays! Talk to you soon!!!!

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