Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a voicelss wonder in Geneva......

So this is about how I have felt since yesterday .....actually I think this looks better than I feel.
I also have the bonus of knowing that I got my loving husband sick as well. WOOHOO!!!!!!
Sorry about no post yesterday however I literally came home from work, had some dinner and went directly to bed with Jim. We were both a bundle of fun last night. We hit the cough medicine and tylenol, then under the covers for the evening. (By the way - why oh why do they make cough medicine taste so darn bad? - I will never understand that!)
Thank goodness Jim slept soundly throughout the whole night. I on the other hand was up and down because every time I laid down, I started coughing. I am so glad I only work half days on Mon & Tues. as I was able to catch up a bit this morning in the recliner.

I am trying avidly NOT to talk to save my voice for work however the minute I start talking my voice disappears like candy at a kid's party. My husband is VERY happy that he gets a reprieve from listening to me talk (stinker) The best way I can describe my voice right now is that I sound like a raspy, coughing, hoarse frog.......SEXY- right?

On a positive note, I am officially 3DPO today and back in the Two Week Wait again for this cycle. I am so hoping that having the cold will not affect my chances this month.
Just like every other month - only time will tell. I wish I had more energy to share with you all today however this is about the most I could muster. I promise to try and catch up a bit more as soon as I am feeling up to it.


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