Thursday, January 1, 2009

May your New Year be happy, healthy and FRUITFUL!

Well folks - we have arrived! Welcome 2009! I am betting on a happy, healthy and FERTILE
New year. I can't say that 2008 was my favorite of years but I will say that did give me a few really important lessons.

Lesson 1 - Value and appreciate your good health while you have it.
You never know when it can be taken away from you and for how long.
Lesson 2 - Appreciate your family, friends and co-workers!
When you are really down and out, it amazing the people who will come out of the woodwork to help, support and love you!
Lesson 3 - Don't take yourself too seriously or go a day without laughing!
Stress, adversity, and rocky times can arrive on your doorstep any day or anytime.
Lesson 4 - It is never too late to say you are sorry!
You might be really surprised at how someone will accept your apology - you might even gain a long, lost friend back! (Love ya Mary!)
Lesson 5 - Be grateful for what and whom you DO have in your life!
You don't have to stop trying to achieve what you want but don't lose site of what you already have. It is probably pretty great to begin with!

Those are a few of the most important things for me that came out of 2008. I am very grateful for those lessons despite the fact that some of them were down-right difficult to swallow.

Jim and I had an absolutely fabulous New Years Eve. We started by heading out to a local Restaurant with our friend's Ed & Steph. We had a really nice dinner then went back to their place where we played "Battle of the Sexes" board game ( the ladies whooped the men's butts!)
Then we decided to attempt a game of virtual bowling on their kid's Nintendo Wii. I have not had that much fun in a long time. I was never much into video games but I can really see how you could get hooked on this Wii thing! We all ate entirely too much snack food and around 11:50pm, we headed into the den to watch the ball drop on Times Square.
We laughed, joked and had just a generally great night. Since midnight is well past our regularly scheduled bedtime, Jim and I headed home around 12:15am and promptly fell into bed. I hope we can make this a yearly ritual as it was so much fun!

CD19 or 3 days post ovulation according to my chart. Nothing much to share at this point other than knowing that in all likelihood Stupid Aunt Flo will arrive Just in time for our departure to Florida. I am trying to keep it positive this year however so on that note, I am currently thinking
"nothing but a Big Fat Positive & two double lines on my preggers test!"

Here's to hoping 2009 is a fertile year!

Jim and I want to thank each and everyone of our friends and family who were there for us in 2008. May this year bring you all joy, happiness and love! Have a great New Years Day!

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