Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love technology but it really hates me!

So here it is folks.......the unveiling of the official "replacement phone of 2009"
Pretty isn't she? I think so!!! Her real name is the Motorola Q - if you wanted to know.
I just have to tell you however that there are SOOO many bells and whistles on this
thing that I believe it's going to take me until next year to figure it all out!
I picked it mostly based on a few factors....
1. It's pink.....C'mon!
2. It has a texting keyboard....all the kids are doing it!
3. It's pink....LOL

Thank you to everyone who so willingly emailed me your telephone numbers so
that it could be programmed. I really appreciate it!!!! I have a hand written list now
with those numbers for the future - lesson learned!

Just wanted to share a pic of my nephew that was forwarded to me this week - he has just started using the excersaucer. I have to laugh at the thought of him twirling around in that thing especially with his brothers going in all directions. The poor child is going to get whiplash!!!!
That faced begged for a caption so I gladly added it! HEHEHEHE!
It's nice to have nephews!!!

As for me and the babytrain:
I am slowly working toward some bit of acceptance with everything right now.
I am not there yet but praying to GOD to let it all sink in and be okay.
I do know miracles happen - I have seen it happen!!!
I have not given up faith and will probably always keep hoping - it's just who I am.

I do need to thank each and everyone of my friends and family who just bombarded me
with love, support and prayers this week when I was really down!!
It meant a lot to me to know so many people had me in their thoughts! I love you all!!!

No grand plans this weekend - we are probably headed over to our friend's house
to watch the SuperBowl. Beyond that I am thinking my PJ's, slippers and my blanket
sound amazingly good! We shall see!

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