Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tick Tock, Tick Tock - Oh Shut up already!!!

Could someone PLUHHHEAZZZZEEE tell my biological clock to shut up??????????
It's been ticking a bit loudly lately and is getting really annoying - especially when
I am trying to ignore it!

It always seems to tick the loudest at the quietest moments - for example.....
As soon as I lay my head down on the pillow at night.....TICK TICK TICK
When I am chuckling at my adorable nephew in his excersaucer.....TICK TICK TICK
In the grocery store when the toddler in the cart behind mine
keeps smiling at me...TICK TICK TICK

You get the idea.

I am working avidly to remain positive and to process through all my feelings.
I hate being a downer and am trying hard to keep the "Jenn on the outside" full of
smiles and sunshine. Maybe if I keep working at that, I will trick my heart into believing it!

I am officially back at work as of yesterday and to be honest, I am really glad.
It helped to distract me for 8 hrs at least. I also really missed some of my co-workers!
It was nice to catch up and chat about the vacation. Will be bringing in the pics today!!!

Yesterday was probably by far the WORST snow storm that Ohio has seen this season!
It is ironic that because we are in the very NE corner of Ohio, we only got loads of snow.
We are pretty used to that in the snow belt!
It seems everyone south of us got hammered with freezing rain and snow as well.
It was bad enough yesterday that some of the banks closed down which kind of sucked when
I walked down to our local bank to make the daily deposit. (sucked to be me!)

Not much else to share and to be really honest - my heart is not in blogging mode anyway.
Gotta make my Dunkin Donuts coffee run and be off to work.
Have a good day all!


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