Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm in heaven......and heaven is in The Keys

This is a picture I took this evening in the midst of the most beautiful sunset. We have a deck right off the back of the condo and that's where I got this pic.
Mom, Dad, Jim and I had just finished up dinner and decided that watching the sunset was far more important than doing the dishes. I have to say I believe we made the right choice!

So Jim and I finally made it down here to The Keys yesterday after a long, grueling and eventful day of travel. As we were getting ready to take off from Cleveland -6:00am, the snow had started, which necessitated an extra 20 minutes for the plane to be de-iced. (fine with me as I would rather be late and safe) We arrived in Atlanta at around 8:15am with our connecting flight leaving at 8:35am. Well we thought we would be able to catch our flight HOWEVER I have never been to Atlanta airport. It is rather large and we had to get from the very end of one concourse to the opposite end of another concourse. Needless to say, we did NOT arrive in time. We then had to catch the next flight out to Miami which was only about an hour later. We got to that gate only to find out that the plane planned for that trip had some problems and they were waiting on another plane to replace it. Eventually we did get another plane and we boarded around 10:45am. Once on the plane, we were told that maintenance had to check something out before take-off but that we would be in the air within 20 minutes or so. Finally around 11:15am we took off. I think we got into Miami around 1:10pm. Mom and Dad met us there at the airport and we headed off to The Keys. It takes a little under two hours to get from the airport to Conch Key were we are staying.

All in all it was an amazingly long day but TOTALLY worth it!

Although this morning was very windy and on the cooler side here (around 60 degrees) we decided to go out fishing. We took the boat out and spent the early afternoon fishing away.
We caught a lot of fish - grunt, grouper, sargeant major, trigger and blow fish to name a few.
Jim, who is the fishing newbie of the group did a banner job of bringing in his fair share.
We really did have a blast! After our fishing adventure, we came home and lumped all afternoon. It is amazing how much being out on the boat wears you out!
We plan on doing a lot of fishing while we are here. I hope I will have some better pictures to share in the coming days.

BABYTRAIN UPDATE: Aunt Flo decided to make her arrival yesterday while we were traveling ( woohoo) So the plan is as follows - this month we are just winging it. I did NOT bring my thermometer, am NOT temping, not worring about timing or anything. We are just relaxing.
The only real fertility related item I am taking care is my hysteroscopy. I called to get it scheduled today. The fertility doc will be doing this outpatient surgery the day after we get back from vacation. Hopefully this will take care of the septate uterus issue.

I will do my best to keep you all updated as our trip continues! To everyone out there in blogland that is suffering through all this incredibly crappy and bitter cold weather - please know I am sending you bucketloads of sunshine. I am hoping it warms up soon!
Be back soon!!!

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