Saturday, January 3, 2009


BABYTRAIN UPDATE: 5DPO - My official test date would be Jan. 13th or the first day that Jim and I are in Florida. WOOHOO!!!!
Now I am taking progesterone supplements to help in this part of my cycle and as such, this month will go slightly differently. Generally speaking, Aunt Flo will not arrive until the progesterone is stopped - some woman find they will get AF even while taking the progesterone but for me I have to stop it first for the witch to arrive. This necessitates me testing to see if I get a positive test result before I stop the med. If I get a BFN (big fat negative) then I will stop the progesterone and wait for the witch to rear her ugly head.
The absolute wicked thing about the progesterone supplementation is that it can mimic pregnancy symptoms like nobody's business. I at least have been down this road before and know NOT to trust anything going on with my body while taking it.

I did make a few low-key resolutions for the year.
One of them is to keep it positive even in the face of disappointments. I am going to try and keep my expectations REAL about getting preggers but definitely on the "hopeful & positive" side! I think a healthy mind-set is as important as a healthy body!
My second resolution is to be better to my body - so trying to love my body as it is while trying to put healthier things into it and exercising it. I am not aiming for perfection or even outstanding results. I aiming for realistic and reasonable to help me feel better.

Time will tell !!!

This week is my first week back to my old work schedule of Wed, Thur. & Fridays. My co-worker is returning from her maternity leave. I am excited to have her back as she is a blast to be around. What is really nice is that I work Wed, Thurs, Friday this week and then am
"OFFICIALLY ON VACATION" until Jan. 28th which is the next day I will have to be back at work. I cannot wait as I think this vacation is long overdue for Jim and I both.
I am so ready for some serious sunshine and warm weather - it has been snowy, cold and generally crappy here weather-wise. I plan on enjoying this vacation NO MATTER what!
No matter if I get a BFN or if AF arrives in the middle of the week - I am enjoying this vacation!!
I am going to make it all about rest and relaxation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes, I do spend a disproportionate amount of time looking for these pics but I love it!!! HEHE)

Jim and I have no major plans for the weekend - I think we are going over to our friend's house tonight to play their Nintendo Wii again (love it) This afternoon I am going over to the local library to get a few books to read on vacation. That's the sum total of our plans -
Will keep ya'll in the loop! HUGS and SMOOCHIES!!!

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