Sunday, January 11, 2009

I feel bloated....Oh so bloated.....

"Can you say BLOATED? I thought you could!!!!

Let's see how I will sum up this fine Sunday ...... we pretty much had to dig ourselves out from under all the snow. On the plus side of things, the temp is not too terrible - mid 30's
Spent the afternoon making out lists for the Florida vacation and then running around the house trying to get stuff together. Did our laundry - made a Wal-Mart run to pick up a last few items and stopped at our friend's house to pick up the suitcase we are borrowing.

This all seems pretty ho - hum in terms of ever day kind of stuff.
Now add in the fact that I am in PMS HELL right now - the picture of the little guy above does not even come CLOSE to how bloated I feel. The pre-menstrual cramping has been just lovely today and don't forget about the mood swings and irritability!!! I am not a woman to be reckoned with....poor poor hubby! Now I lovingly reminded dear hubby last week that typically when we travel, we have a bit of stress to begin with. I THEN re-inforced that I would be expecting AF to arrive right as we are traveling. In other words, he is to be prepared for "THE MOOD SWING QUEEN"
I am NOT responsible for anything that comes out of my mouth! I will take out any little peasant people in my path! Irritability followed by tears is inevitable - be ready!!!
I am sincerely hoping that the fact we are going to a very warm, beautiful destination levels me out a bit. In any case, Forewarned is Forearmed!!! Love ya honey!!!!

Tomorrow consists of finishing our packing, getting my hair cut, sending the kitty off to his
"kitty jail" (aka - vet boarding) and heading up to Cleveland to spend the night at the local HOJO. Our flight leaves Tuesday morning at 5:50 am so we have to be up by 3:45am to be at the airport by 4:30am.............. Crappity crap crap crap!

OH SH*T...I just realized - No Dunkin Donuts coffee for me - ugghhh I will probably have to settle for some of that fancy shmancy Starbucks crap at the airport. Oh - the things I must do!!!
We fly from Cleveland to Atlanta - have a layover then off to Miami where Mom and Dad pick us up. It will make for a long travel day but is SOOOOOOOO worth it in the end!!!!

That's the scoop as of now....I am maintaining for the moment....crossing my fingers I won't spaz out between now and take-off! We shall see!
We will have internet access while in the keys so I do plan on blogging just not sure how often.
Promise to post some pics as well!

Hugs and smooches!!

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