Friday, January 23, 2009

Can you say POUT? I thought you could!!!

Yes - I know I have absolutely NO room to pout after spending 10 days in such a beautiful and warm place but ...............C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming home to all this snow just blows!

Okay - enough of that otherwise I will start receiving nasty calls and emails from friends and family!

I had 10 hrs of sleep, got my Dunkin Donuts coffee and bagel and am ready to write!!!!!!!

Luckily our truck was not TOTALLY buried under snow at the hotel yesterday - so it was easy enough to brush it off and get on our way home!

We headed right out to the local Alltel store to see what options I had available in replacing the all famous "washing machine cell phone"
Well let me tell you that our options at present basically sucked!!! Since Verizon bought out Alltel and they are still in the process of the switchover - we are what is considered "divested customers" In other words, we are in a cell phone limbo land - neither with Alltel OR with Verizon currently. That boiled down to us NOT being able to do anything at that store because any changes we could make to the account with a new phone would HAVE to be done at a "corporate store" (Ashtabula being our closest bet) Even at a corporate store, we would probably have to pay a minimum of $100.00 or more to get the new phone. We decided to try our chances on purchasing an Alltel phone via ebay to save some $$$$. The activation is free once you have the phone. As soon as we walked in the door and dealt with kitty, we found and ordered a new phone. It should arrive by mid next week.

After Alltel, we picked up the Kitty from the Vet and I have to tell you that I have NEVER seen an animal be so happy to go home. He was so affectionate, loving, and needy yesterday that you would think we had rescued him from the evil grip of some tormenting captors.
That cat rubbed on us, laid on us, nudged us and generally would not leave our sides all evening.
He slept right between us all night - touching both of us I might add! It was nice but a bit uncomfortable when trying to move around in bed. Ahhh was just good to get him home!

Here are a few more of the vacation pics that I did not get a chance to post -

In Key West - The World's Smallest Bar - I laughed as I walked by and the bartender said,
"Hey, I heard that!!!!"
In Key West - This very brave Rooster and pigeon that ate half of my popcorn!!! I am such a sucker for animals!!!
In Key West - This immense Cruise ship that was docked right by us in Mallory Square - The picture gives you absolutely no idea of the size of this thing! It was HUGE!!!

In No Name Key (yes, that's the actual name) - This is the entrance to the World Famous
"No Name Pub" - Sorry The picture is not the best - what you are looking at is the ceiling and walls covered in dollar bills. The entire pub is covered with them. Ceiling, walls, bar, seat backs, etc. People visit and leave a signed dollar bill stapled up somewhere. It is absolutely awesome.
This place also has the most incredible pizza I have ever eaten!!!! If you are ever in The Keys,
this place is a MUST visit!!!!!

I posted much of the better pics already and I am sure by this point most of you are like.....
"enough with the pics Jenn - SHEESH!!!"

I have to be off as I need to get ready for my appt. with the fertility doc. I will update with results later when we get back.

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