Friday, January 16, 2009

Attack of the killer Sea eel....

I absolutely love the look on my mom's face while I was trying to take this picture of the sea eel she is the perfect combination of pride, disgust, fear and impatience. I am amazed that she actually brought this thing on to the boat to get a picture. As you can see by my absence in the pic - I was on the other side of the boat TAKING the picture - about as far away from that ugly thing as I could possibly get.
We spent yesterday morning out on the boat again - we have been fishing like crazy people despite questionable weather conditions.
Although it has not gotten as cold as it is in much of nation right now, we are getting this crazy wind which is bringing the temp down to the upper 50's and lower 60's. For The Keys, that is fairly chilly. Don't get wrong - I am by NO MEANS complaining....Just trying to give you all an idea of the weather here. The wind has made for some very rough, wavy boating conditions however it has not stopped us as of yet!

We have been taking the boat out daily - we have gone to the Gulf bay side as well as the ocean side. It is amazing how one side can be really wavy and then you cross over to the other side and it is much calmer! Yesterday we caught a great array of fish - Grouper, Yellow Fin, Blow fish, Trigger fish, Grunt and of course the "infamous sea eel" We are not keeping the fish - just throwing them back. If we catch a big enough fish however we may keep it and have a nice seafood dinner.

Here are a few more pics of yesterday expedition....(excuse my hair - it seems the wind did a job on me and I was definitely NOT picture ready)
We will probably head out later this afternoon to do some more fishing as it is currently low tide right now. Hopefully the wind will die down some so we don't have to contend with the waves!

We are planning on heading down to Key West on Monday - will do some big time shopping there! Tuesday we are headed up to Key Largo to go out on a casino boat for the evening. My goal is to come back independently wealthy!!! We shall see. I think the rest of the time my plans include a few good books, a lounge chair and my trusty fishing pole.

I will update soon - stay warm wherever you are!!!! HUGS and SUCH!

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batty said...

That picture is priceless! I am enjoying the vacation-by-proxy from strangly warm Northern California. I hope the night in Key Largo makes you Miss Moneybags. Thanks always for sharing