Sunday, January 4, 2009

....Must get to keyboard....must blog....

Had an overwhelming urge to just blog so here I am!!! I think I look as tired as the kitty in the pic today! We were up well past our bedtime last night! TSK TSK on us!!!!

Had a very interesting dream last night - At least it's interesting to me because it is the FIRST time since we have been TTC that I had dream about getting a BFP on a preggers test.

It was amazingly vivid and pretty straight forward. In the dream, I was having some pretty typical pregnancy symptoms and said "what the heck - I will go grab a peestick and do my thing"
I had some internet cheapie test strips and used them first. In my usual half-assed manner, I dipped one and set is aside not really thinking I would EVER get my positive result.

Came back to check on it later and BAM...there it was - unmistakeable - two lines!!!!
I was so surprised I decided to test again with another internet cheapie strip - and AGAIN -
BFP!!! At this point in the dream, I was actually beginning to get excited!
I knew that the internet cheapie tests are pretty unpredictable so I decided to try the
"gold standard" in pregnancy tests..... A "First Response Early Result" test or FRER! These are the tests that any woman who is TTC will tell you to go to if there is ANY question if you are preggers or not! Even the fertility doc recommends using these!
I go and take one of the FRER and wait anxiously for the result - and I am overjoyed to see
two lovely bright pink lines show!!!!

At this point in the dream, I am totally losing my mind and run to get my hubby for him to see.
I decide that I am not only going to SHOW him the positive tests I already have, but I am going to make him watch me take a digital pregnancy test to be absolutely sure!!!
(Yes, I have gone over the TTC "edge" as we call it - but's my dream)

I take the digital and we both sit there waiting and hovering over the test while it blinks it's little "thinking clock" - and then the word we have been waiting for appears............................................
This is about how the tests all looked in my dream.............

I don't really remember much else after that but needless to say, I woke up with such a great feeling this morning! I would SO love to think that this is a good omen for this month and at this point I am going to believe that!

So I am off and running with the powers of positive thinking for this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To add another weird happy moment to my day, we went out to do our weekly Walmart run.
I decided to pick up some "monthly" supplies so that I would be extra prepared for our trip.
While down the "feminine care" aisle, I glanced over at the pregnancy test display.
I saw that they were having a sale on First Response Early Result tests - they usually run about $19.99 for a two pack. The sale was for a 3 pack + one digital all for $15.97 - BONUS!!!!!!
I about had a heart attack right there in the store - I snatched a pack up so fast it almost went flying out of my hand and hit Jim - LOL!

I had to laugh however - when we got up to the register I realized while unloading our cart that we had, tampons, pregnancy tests and ice cream - just to name a few items.....Ironic eh?
Such is a day in my life folks.
Anyhoo - I just wanted to share and ask for a few added prayers this month. Feeling pretty good and hoping all these signs will add up to a BIG OLE' SOMETHING!!!!

Happy Sunday to you all!!!

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