Friday, January 9, 2009

My thermometer is a BIG FAT WEENIE HEAD!!!

So it was looking good for two days and then I temped this morning......SH*T, SH*T, SH*T!!!

I kind of had the feeling late yesterday that the evil witch might be thinking of making an early visit so as not to miss me before vacation. I was getting the all familiar lower backache last night and although it kind of bummed me out, at least I knew she was probably on her way.
This morning's temp plummet kind of sealed the deal in my mind however -
I figure that by Sunday, I will have my unwanted house guest.

Now for those of you who are saying...."but promised yourself that you would remain positive..." I say you are correct and on that note, I will say that it is still possible for things to turn around. I will truly have to wait and see what happens. Still sticking to my plan of testing on Monday if the witch does not arrive.

The thing I have come to realize while on this TTC journey is that although it is full of heartache, frustration & disappointments, there are moments when it is exciting and hope-filled too!
I guess it's like those "roller coaster addicts" - they love to be scared to death!!!!

This is my roller coaster and although I wouldn't say I love having all these emotions every month (as I am sure dear hubby seconds that!) it is still wonderful to hope and dream of the day when it will happen!!! And IT WILL HAPPEN - IN THIS I HAVE FAITH!!!!

Today is my last official work day and then " I AM ON VACATION" YEE FREAKIN HAW!!!
Gotta go shovel the truck out from under the mountain of snow we got - must get my coffee too!
Wishing each of you crazy blog readers and great weekend!!! HUGS

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