Monday, January 5, 2009

The Fertility Monster.......ooogga booga!!!!!

YES - that is my slightly pudgy, stubborn, stinker of a cat - BABY - A.K.A Squeakers
YES AGAIN - that is MY monkey blankie he has hijacked - The nerve of him!!!!!

You are probably asking yourself at this point - "Why oh why is a 37 yr. old woman sleeping with a monkey blanket?" To this I say good question - and I will answer it with a question to you...... "Why oh why does a certain 33 yr. old husband own not only a Scooby Doo blanket that he sleeps with, BUT a Kung Fu Panda blanket for his recliner chair?"
So it is - needless to say our choice of bedding is not going to be featured on this months cover of
"BEDROOM BEAUTIFUL" - I am just fine with that!!!!

I will say that it does add an extra bit of humor into our bedroom routine - when in the midst of dealing with infertility, any little thing that helps is welcome!!!!

So Monday it is - we are really trying to tie up all the odds & ends for our pending vacation!
The official countdown has begun.....7 day til we head up to airport - YEEHAW!!!!
( I just realized as I typing this that I am always on the countdown for something - it's nice to be have the countdown be related to something OTHER than my cycle)
This is the dock right outside our door in Conch Key where we will be staying.......If you are remotely interested in checking out our digs - click on this link to see the website!


I did some fishing right off this dock the first time Jim and I visited The Keys. I even have a fantastic fishing story revolving around me, my fishing rod and an "attack squid" I call Charlie. That's a blog for another day though!!!!! According to mom (whom I spoke with this morning) the weather is outstanding - it's been between 75-85 degrees and sunny!!! Not too hot and not too chilly! Perfect "get the hell outta NE Ohio weather" Can you tell I am getting excited?
I thought you could!!!!

BABYTRAIN UPDATE: 7DPO and trying to keep the "fertility monster" at bay.
Let me explain - you all know by now that I chart my monthly cycles on a lovely website called
FERTILITY FRIEND ( see my sidebar for link). Well it is right around this time in my two week wait that I feel this overwhelming urge and longing to dissect every little thing about my current chart. I look, re-look, compare the current chart to old charts, compare the current chart to pregnancy charts on the website, obsess about my symptoms, and generally look for ANYTHING that might indicate that this is my month.
I have done a fairly decent job in just letting it be this month but you must understand................
"The Fertility Monster" is strong , devious and oh so persistent! It will wait for precisely the perfect moment to pounce. It is usually right around the time that my progesterone symptoms coupled with my PMS symptoms are in full force and darling hubby is hiding in his upstairs ebay room in fear of his life! Let's cross our fingers that my vacation obsessiveness keeps the monster away!!! A girl can dream, can't she?

For those of you who follow my daily rantings - I wanted to update yesterday's post about my BFP dream! I forgot to mention that at the end of the dream I clearly heard someone saying to me that I would be due in Oct. of 2009. Now If you do the math with this month's cycle- that is exactly when I would be due. It was so eerie but made me feel so good.

That's the scoop for today kiddies.....promise to post again soon! HUGS and STUFF!!!!!!!!!

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