Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Roomy Uterus.....

Nothing quite like the "Evil Exam table" and assuming the position to start your day off right!!!!

So here is the post hysteroscopy update from yesterday -
Went in with MUCH trepidation and fear of pain anxiety to have this procedure done.
Thank goodness for Dr. Austin. She is funny, down to earth and just a very good doc overall!
She calmed me down a lot and was true to her word about stopping with any pain I had!
The procedure was uncomfortable at worst but tolerable. Dr. Austin actually was using some new equipment (oooohhh - toys!!!) and she was really excited! The new equipment allowed me to actually watch the entire procedure while she was doing it. Now for all you non-medical type people out there - you are most likely saying "Ewwwww - I don't want to see that!"
For me however - I was totally jazzed to see the inside of my Uterus! I mean how often do you get the chance to see your uterus? I really think that being able to watch the whole procedure on the monitor helped to relax & distract me.

One of the things she said in the midst of the procedure had me giggling to myself.......she said that she felt my "uterus looked roomy". WTH???? "ROOMY?" That's the best she could come up with to describe my uterus? It goes right along with all the things people have called me over the years...."stout, chubby, thick, curvy....etc." You get the picture. Now I have an medically documented "roomy uterus"! Who would have thunk?

The outcome was better than expected. The uterine septum that was was seen on MRI was tiny and according to the doc, "nothing that would cause a problem". A small polyp was also visualized but was also noted as "not problematic". Doc said that she did not see any reason to have to do surgery. WOOHOO!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!!!

I am still waiting on Dr. Austin to call me today after reviewing my chart. She wanted to look over everything and call to discuss what the next step would be. I will let you all know!

Happy weekend to you all!!!!

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