Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good news and bad news.....

The worst news ....NO - we did NOT win the PowerBall lottery yesterday which means we must return home to the frigid arctic later this week!! BOOHOO!!!

The bad news.....We broke even on the casino boat in Key Largo last night - no big windfalls so to speak. The boat is about 3 miles out from Key Largo - it rocked and swayed all night long which did NOT make for the most comfortable gambling surroundings. We were only out a couple of hours which did help to keep the losing to a minimum!

The Good news.....

We are still here in Conch Key and NOT in Geneva....hehehehehehe!!!!
The wind has really let up and the sun has come out in all it's glory.

Yesterday morning we went down to Big Pine to go to the flea market. Did I ever mention, that I absolutely love flea markets? Well I do! Where else can you buy a $5.00 Keys sleep shirt and
some new fishing gear all at the same place? We bought a few good things there and then decided to head back home for one last fishing expedition on the boat.

We really did not catch much to speak of yesterday however I will say that the trip out was totally worth it. The sun was out AND we got to see a huge pod of dolphins about 100 feet from our boat. It was awesome! One of the dolphin came right up along side of the boat and then swam under us. It was if he was being playful with us. It was so cool - I wish I had time to grab the camera but it all happened so fast. We only had the boat til yesterday so it was our last chance to go out.

We came in off the boat in the early afternoon, showered, ate and then headed up to Key Largo to go on the casino boat. All in all, it was an amazingly long day but fun nonetheless!!!

We are planning on keeping low key today - Mom and I are headed into Marathon to grab some groceries and head into a few local shops. The men are "perched" on the sofa's in their "football" positions for the afternoon. This way EVERYONE is happy - mom and I get to spend money and the "men" do whatever they do!!!!

Sending more warm thoughts your way! Will post more pics later!

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