Monday, January 12, 2009

Key lime we come!!!!

Quick pre-vacation post:
Here is re-cap of this mornings frantic call from the Jewish Mother ..................
( sorry Mom - just have to share)

Me...."Hello?" Mom..."Hi hon" " I was just lying here this morning and started to worry about a few things." Me...."Okay - what's up?" Mom..."I just got to thinking....does Jim have to keep his Insulin cold?" Me..."Yes...but we have that covered - Jim got a Frio wallet about three months ago." Mom...."that's good to hear - does he have to have something from the doc stating he is diabetic?" Me..."we checked into that and as long as you have a prescription with your name on it and matching ID, you are fine" Mom...."that's good - Do you plan on bringing snacks with you for the trip? - just in case?" Me...."Already have em packed" Mom... "I suppose I am spazzing over nothing here - I mean you are both adults but you just never know!"
Me...."ya think?" LOL

Now let me say that as soon as she started in with the questions, I starting laughing and said "I love you mom!" It reminds me that no matter HOW old you are....your mom will ALWAYS be your mom!!

Kitty is starting to look at Jim and I with that "you guys are up to something look" - he was very needy yesterday and slept between us most of the night. I did have a good talk with him this morning explaining that "Daddy and I are going away on vacation and that he will be spending the night with his boarding buddies" YES....I did have the conversation with him and am NOT ashamed to admit it!!! The real fun will be this afternoon when Jim and I have to grab him and put him in the Kitty carrier (A.K.A - traveling Kitty jail) We have learned this is two person attack....Jim slyly goes upstairs and lays down on the bed next to him while I prepare the kitty carrier. Once I am upstairs but outside the bedroom, Jim takes the blankie and snatches Kitty up in it like a mummy! I come flying in and we "squeeze kitty out into the carrier" as quickly as possible. Then off to the vet with Kitty howling the whole way!!!!
Aunt Flo has not arrived but my temp took a total nose-dive this morning so I am guessing she will make her appearance either later tonight or tomorrow. That is fine with me because I usually only have one really bad, crampy, bloated and tired day. I figure tomorrow is as good a day as any since we will be exhausted from traveling anyhow!

I told Jim yesterday that we are taking this month off from our TTC journey - no temping, no charting, no timed baby-dancing, etc.
We are going to focus on us - relaxing, chilling out, sleeping in and most importantly
"having hot sweaty pig sex" whenever we feel like!!! (great visual eh? Thanks to my TWW buddies for that one!) I am even putting my Fertility Friend charting membership on hold for the month......(Go me!!!)

So that's the update for now.....just having to finish up all the packing. Will promise to be back soon with updates.....For those of you in NE Ohio......stay's gonna get cold!!! Hehehe!

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