Monday, December 29, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane - Nope it's SUPER EGGIE!!!

CD16 and I finally got that all elusive positive OPK!!! WOOHOO! Judging from the amazing rt-sided OV pains I am having, I would say I am going to pop a doozy of an egg! At the risk of sounding really weird and off-beat (like that would be different from any other post) I am going with the theory that this is my "SUPER EGGIE" The one that is going to do it!

Here is my mental picture of my special OVA.......ready????
A slightly plump yet curvaceous egg that has a billowing superwoman cape. She is strong-minded and has a definite purpose/mission! She is NOT going to die off like the rest of the eggies - Oh NO!!! She is going to search and wait for "the best of the best" spermie swimmers to approach. She will know EXACTLY what to say when she sees these guys appear! Her ulterior motive is to invite one of those guys "in for a drink" and then BAM!!!! FERTILIZATION!!!!
Once successfully fertilized, our favorite Super egg will make her way to her new home for the long haul! HOME SWEET UTERUS!!!!!

I already made the call to my darling hubby this afternoon casually dropping the "O" hint so that he could plan his night activities accordingly. The conversation generally goes something like this......"Hey hon, how you doing?" "Glad to hear that!" "Hey, I stopped at the bank for you and the grocery store" "No problem - do we need toilet paper and oh by the way I am ovulating - we need to have sex tonight" "Great, I will talk to you later - love you"

Not exactly romantic but it works! Somehow we always seem to get the deed done.
I am hoping that given I have such a WINNER of an egg this month that my hubby will have some of the best swimmers available for this mission....

Don't I wish....HEHEHEHE!!!

On another note - Jim and I are gearing up for our vacation to the Florida Keys. We are leaving Jan. 12 and coming home Jan. 23. I am so excited and ready for this trip. We had to forgo our normal summer vacation this year due to my health issues and finances. I am really ready to just get away and relax. We are staying in Conch Key which is about 15 miles north of Marathon.
It is about an hour north of Key West as well. My parents winter there and were wonderful enough to invite us down to stay with them for a bit. We are renting a boat for a few days while we are down there and have plans to do some serious fishing too. I cannot wait for the sunshine.
Give me the hammock and a good book - I will be set! I will be giving you all the countdown until we leave!

So that is the story as of now......I must get off this darn computer and do my best entice and lure my husband into our bedroom for the evening. ( or at least for a bit )

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