Sunday, February 1, 2009

Martha Stewart - I am not!!!

Just thought this cake was absolutely awesome for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!
How I dream of having the creativity and skill to put together something as fabulous as
this stadium cake - Alas, my culinary experience is best used in conjunction with the
microwave and various assorted pre-made frozen foods. C'est La Vie!!!!

In my infinite wisdom and lack of better things to do today, I decided to start adding a
daily "MOOD UPDATE" pic to all of my posts.
This way - anyone reading my blog will immediately be able to see what my state of mind is AND can decide accordingly if they want to continue.

Today's MOOD REPORT:There you have it folks - I am all over the place emotionally lately!
Just when I think I have a little bit of peace and serenity - I start down that steep slope
of longing, heartache and frustration!

I will give you a great example - Yesterday, DH and I had a really nice morning together.
We did our own thing, had a "good ole' fashioned NON-babydancing" roll in the hay and generally just enjoyed each others company. We decided to head out to our local Wally World
to catch up on some grocery shopping. I was totally fine until we started heading around the
store. I am not kidding you when I say that it seemed like every infant and toddler in Ashtabula & Lake county was with their parents yesterday. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!!!!!
It was absolutely crazy how many children were there!!!! I am usually pretty good about that stuff but for some reason, I just got really melancholy!!! I watched these busy parents charging around the store - some oblivious to their children, some annoyed and impatient with their kids, some that just made my skin crawl while they yelled or hit the children.

As I am wheeling the cart up to the check-out, I remember thinking to myself.... "this is how
it may be - watching silently from the outside." "Having a cart full of groceries for Jim and I".
It was an amazingly sad, scary and sobering thought to have. I tried avidly to remind myself
that the place we are at is only temporary and that I need to keep it positive.
It is so much easier said than done however.

So that is where I am at - the place between hope, acceptance, patience, longing and faith!
What a place to be!

This afternoon - Jim and I are off to our friend's house for the SuperBowl - basically so the
men can watch the game, the women can catch up, and everyone eats junk food happily!!!!
Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!!

Promise to keep ya'll in the loop!
P.S. For the record - GO STEELERS!!!

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