Friday, December 12, 2008

I have the best friends!!!!

This is my special prayer and blessing to all my WONDERFUL friends & out there - Hehehe!!!!
I think I have come to the conclusion that I am blessed with some fantastic friends who just seem to know when I need a call or hug. This has been a really tough week physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you to those wonderful friends who called or wrote. It really helped me to re-focus my energy on the positive. It was a tough thing to do but I can definitely say that I am feeling a bit better since getting all my friend support.

I managed to make it through the work week without too much difficulty.
That was a miracle in and of itself but all I can say now is TGIF!!!!!

Still waiting on AF to make her visit - I expect her to arrive without fail by tomorrow night.
Judging by the bloating and slight cramping I am having, it should be REAL fun this month!

We started getting a boat-load of snow today which just means that DH and I have another reason to stay in the house all weekend. It's just as well since I am not quite up to doing much activity as of yet.

Not too much else to share - will keep ya'll posted!
Hugs and love!

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