Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bedtime at 7:30PM.....OyVey!

OMG - I am getting old. I had my half work day yesterday which was not unusually busy and yet I still came home completely exhausted!

I lumped into the recliner for an hour, debated with darling husband on what we were doing for dinner (ended up with McDonald's) and scarfed down my burgers. It was about 7:15pm by that time and I decided to go upstairs and "just lay down for a bit" - at 9:oopm, I got up to pee, change into my PJ's, take my pills and head back to bed for the night.

I think this is all a combination of me getting over the bronchitis and my "advanced maternal age" as the fertility doc likes to call it! Either way, I say it totally sucks!

10DPO and counting. If I am staying realistic, then I really haven't noticed any signs/symptoms of early pregnancy. If I indulge my wishful heart, then I would say my fatigue is a good symptom. I would also say I have noticed a few weird tugs in my lower mid-abdomen in addition to a slight bit of nausea as well. So depending on the moment and/or day, I go back and forth between feeling hopeful and other times feeling pretty much par for the course.
No testing until at least Saturday the 13th. (God, I hate waiting) The peesticks literally call my name!!!!

Sales for our Ebay store are finally beginning to pick up again after a slight lag. Not sure why we had no bids especially during the holiday season but I am relieved to see that changed overnight.
I guess everyone is heading into that frantic "pre-Christmas" shopping mode.

On another holiday note, I got the opportunity to decorate work with a bit of Hannukah stuff this year. Traditionally they put up a tree, some garland and glass stickies. My co-workers were giving me flack for not adding my Hannukah stuff to the mix. I went home to look for suitable "Hannukah decorations" and could only come up with an old Menorah that was covered in candle wax. Pretty lame, I know! I was feeling like a "very bad Jew" so I spent some time on my lunch one day downloading "Hannukah images" to my flash drive and brought them into work. I printed them out and hung them up on my side of the office. All in all it looked pretty good and you can definitely tell where I sit in the office!

So that's today's update as of now....will be back soon with your next update.
Hope everyone out there is surviving this holiday season! Keep it real! HUGS

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