Friday, December 19, 2008

Grumpy Barnhouse & the bad hair week....

First off I need to say that sometimes being a grump has it's moments.

Like for instance yesterday when I went home for lunch only to find that The Illuminating Co. had effectively blocked the entrance to our dead end street COMPLETELY while they were "working".

I think the fact that the it is pretty bitter cold and the streets are covered in ice pretty much put me over the edge. I realized in order to get to my house for lunch I would have to park half way down the block and try to trek down to my house without slipping and falling on the ice.
(not a small feat if you have my lack of grace)

Nothing tops off that equation more than walking into the house only to realize that the electricity that The Illuminating Co. has been working on, has been off for at least three hours and subsequently the temperature in the house feels like 50 degrees below zero. Now in my defense of my little afternoon snit, I will say that I a couple of elderly neighbors that I do worry about. I was really concerned in the event something happened to one of them that the police or ambulance would not be able to reach them as there is NO alternative way of getting down our street.

So in moment of pissed off insanity I decided to use my "high and mighty" local govt job status and call up to the police dept. to see what was what. God bless Margaret the dispatcher - she was very cool and collected and did a fantastic job at handling my blathering tantrum!

Once I headed back to work however I had a "moment of clarity" where I realized what an ASSHOLE I must have sounded like. As soon as I got back to work, I headed directly over to the Police dept. to find Margaret and say I was sorry for my behavior. She just laughed with me and said don't sweat it. I felt a bit better but sheesh!!!!!!

I thought I was having a bad hair week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To add to my irritability this week, I have been trying to find the time to go see my hairdresser, Mandy. I am DIRE need of some color before the gray takes over my entire body. You know it's really bad when your hubby is "willingly offering up the $$$$$" to let you do the "big color/highlight/cut" appt. The big problem is that Mandy only works during the day til 4pm and then again on Sunday. I have just not been able to get in to see her and cannot do it this Sunday as it is Hannukah and we are headed down for the family Hannukah celebration.
Now, my dear husband keeps asking me to go see someone else to get my hair down however I am VERY particular about who does my hair and so far MANDY is the only one I trust in my little podunk town of GENEVA.

So the question of the day is......Do I wait to get an appt. with Mandy and tough it out OR
Do I chance a new person? Opinions, thoughts, comments ????? - ANYONE????

CD6 today - It seems that I am in "see a baby everywhere you go" funk right now. I am sure it's related to the holidays but a small part of me thinks that everyone got a memo that reads...
"Got a new baby - then be sure to head up to Geneva and show Jenn Barnhouse"
Don't get me wrong - it's wonderful to see the baby when it's someone you know cuz you get to hold and snuggle up with them. It's just the everyday, people you run in to at the store or post office, etc. You see them coming with a baby carrier and their little one all bundled up for winter.
After a particularly rough "baby month failure" it can really make my heart ache like no ones business. So you try and smile and put on a friendly face but inside you feel like poop.
Well....the holidays are fast approaching and I am sure this too shall pass.

I need to head out to the car to scrape it off and heat it up as we are getting hammered with snow and ice right now (woohoo - NOT!) TGIF - have a fantastic weekend all! HUGS

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