Sunday, December 7, 2008

The perfect PJ day............

Minus the bunny slippers, a few pounds and the curly hair you could say this a pic of me today.
We had this gusting, blowing snow all night which maintained all the way into the afternoon.
It is the perfect kind of weather that just makes you want to stay in your flannel PJ's all day and hide underneath the covers. I did manage to drag myself up to do a few household chores this afternoon however I was really not in any mood to do much of anything else.

I spent most of the afternoon holed up in the bedroom because my darling husband was planted in front of the big screen TV watching Football all afternoon. I don't really mind doing that especially on days like this. Luckily we went out yesterday to get our groceries so we really had no need to leave the house today which was just fine with me.
Today is 8dpo and not feeling much different than every other month of TTC. There are two things I have noticed which are slightly different for me at this time in my cycle.
(P.S. the following information is quite descriptive and may possibly gross out some people but it's my blog so I am writing it anyway)
(Read on at your own discretion.....hehehehe)

The first thing I started noticing was that my cervical mucus has been quite abundant and creamy in nature. I don't usually notice much of anything at this time in my cycle so to have anything going on down there at this point in my cycle is odd to say the least. The second thing I have noticed is that I am peeing up a storm as well. Now I am a frequent pee'er (is that a word?) on a good day but I have noticed a definite increase in trips to the bathroom. This is getting quite annoying at night as we only have one bathroom and it is downstairs. Nothing like trudging up and down the stairs several times a night.

I have been amazingly good about keeping my peesticks in the bathroom cabinet, undisturbed!
Last month I never used one test and just waited to see if AF would arrive on time. Unfortunately she did but at least I had not wasted any $$ on testing.
That is my goal again this month - I plan to wait until the witch is actually due and then if she does not arrive - test the next morning. This puts me on schedule to possibly test..............
SATURDAY, DEC. 13th - which just happens to be my dad's birthday! Maybe it will be good luck! We shall see!

On a completely weird side note - A few months back I had a psychic reading (which I did for fun) done by PSYCHIC RUBY..... According to her reading, I could be getting my BFP (big fat positive) preggers test this month. It will be amazingly interesting to see if this happens to pan out. I am NOT holding my breath however as I am sure I would pass out before seeing those two lines show up!

I still love looking at those positive preggers test pics even if they don't belong to me -
in a twisted way they give me hope.
All I can do in the meantime is keep the faith, keep praying and know that it will happen in God's time. (Wish I knew when that would be though!)

Well folks - not much else to share so I am off to wrap up the rest of the laundry for the evening.
All you NE Ohio people....Stay warm.....everyone else - have a great Sunday night! HUGS

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