Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm sick & tired of being SICK & TIRED!!!

Okay the verdict is in................................................................................................................
I have an Upper respiratory infection w/ bronchitis & laryngitis.
My throat has NEVER been this sore in my entire life. I could hardly swallow this morning when I got up. I dragged into work after getting only a few hours of sleep last night. I wanted to get into see my doc on my lunch hour to get something to help my cough and throat. Called at 9:00am only to find out the docs office was closed. Finally I just felt crappy enough to go to the urgent care center nearby. It took them almost 2 hrs. to see me (so much for my lunch hour plans)
Doc loaded me up with prescriptions and told me in no uncertain terms that I could NOT go back to work today or tomorrow. He said I could head back to work on Friday, when I would NOT be contagious and that I should be feeling a bit better by then.

I came home after picking up my prescriptions, took some of the meds, changed into my PJ's, put some Vick's Vaporub on my chest and fell asleep in the recliner chair.

I am really worried about being out of work again. I have missed so much time this year due to all the surgery and complications I had. Everyone at work has been fantastic and no one has said anything about the time I have been off. I am worried anyway. I really love my job and feel blessed to have it. I just don't want anything to screw that up. I hope I get better quickly and that I stay well Lord willing!

The only good thing about being sick is that it keeps my mind off of obsessing about the baby train. It's not a great trade off however it is what it is!
I am trying so hard NOT to talk - the way my throat feels right now I don't really want to anyway. I hope if I keep it quiet for a day or two that it will come back. Nothing like having something you take for granted taken away to make you realize how much you appreciate it.
Makes me wish I could "text" faster or type quicker....LOL!

Jim is actually feeling much better today and I think he escaped the worst of it (thank goodness)
Unfortunately, I think that when we went down to visit my parents over the weekend that I took along this bug with me. Mom sounds like she a day or two behind me on the sick front.
I called her and told her to get in to see her doc ASAP. Hope she listens! (you listening mom?)

That's the update for the day... wishing everyone a good evening! HUGS

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