Friday, December 26, 2008

No witty banter tonight........

No witty banter or picture tonight as I am not feeling up to it. Having one of those "crappy, shitty, infertility" days where I just feel like this will never happen.

Maybe it's just the day or the holidays - who knows? I seem to be on the proverbial "fertility rollercoaster of emotions" this week. The more I spend time with my nephews or friends babies, the stronger the longing inside of me burns. I am feeling worn out, sad, discouraged and tired of feeling like I am "reproductively broken" I know this feeling will pass - today's post will allow me to vent safely into the blogosphere. Sometimes I just have to go there - it's either that or completely go off the deep end. Been there, done that - not going back!

For any and all who take the time to read my ranting....I am OKAY - You don't need to do or say anything in response to this - I just need to put it out there.

I am however going to ask that if you have taken your time to read about our journey - please take a few more moments to click over and watch this video I am posting.
It is by the artist Kellie Coffey - Called "I would die for that" - If you receive my blog by email - you will have to go to my actual blog page to view it.

It puts into song all of the most personal feelings about infertility you can have.
It is amazing!

I promise to come back to blog on a new day and hopefully a lighter note.
For now - I just need to feel what I am feeling! Love you all!

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