Thursday, December 25, 2008

To re-gift or not...that is the question?????

NO - hubby and I did not receive this as a gift but I found it to be an amazing example of a gift I am not sure is even "re-giftable" Makes you think of the friends you have and who might appreciate it however!!!

So "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to all my Christian friends and family out there. "Happy 5th day of Hannukah" to all my Jewish friends and family. We had a very nice Christmas eve spent with out friends last night. Since Jim and I have been exchanging gifts since the start of Hannukah, there was really nothing left to open under the tree. We did however head over to our friends, Ed & Steph's house this morning for Christmas breakfast. I have never seen so many presents in my entire life. I thought growing up Jewish that I had it made with a present for each of the eight nights. The presents at their house put us to shame! We all did a lot of eating and opening of gifts. It was great! Jim and I tuckered out fast and came home to watch a movie.
It has been quite a quiet afternoon for a change.

We have managed this year to accumulate an inordinate amount of "re-gift potential items"
Now these are not gifts which are bad by nature (see pic above) but rather are ones that without a shadow of a doubt will NOT be used by either my husband or myself.
It is amazing to me how strongly people feel the need to get you a gift and then do not give it any thought when they purchase the item. I don't know about anyone else, but I would rather NOT get a gift at all then to receive an item that someone gave no thought to. It has become almost silly now - having to think "should I buy an extra gift in case someone gets me something"
It totally diminishes the "heartfelt gift-giving" that once was! Anyhoo.....Jim and I now have quite the pile of "re-gift items" under the tree. I will have to polish up on my "re-gifting etiquette" On a side note - I found this hilarious and wonderful web page dedicated to all things re-giftable - It's called

I did make out very well as far as gifts from hubby - I got a couple of the most adorable and soft PJ's for winter. One has sock monkeys all over it - and the other pair features Eyore.
I also got a great new pair of slippers which are perfect!
When I woke up this morning I had an extra surprise - we had an unexpected visitor last night.
Hanging from my stocking was a huge bag of "MUNCHOS" - Yes, "The MUNCHO FAIRY" came and delivered a bag of her delightfully light and crunchy goodness.

I was such a happy camper!!!!!

CD12 today and the ov tests are still not postive. Just gives me more incentive to pee on something though. My darling hubby has been a tad on the "amorous" side lately which is wonderfully convenient seeing as though we are in that all important "fertile time". It's really nice that is has just worked out that way. My intentions are to "revel" in this festive time of year. I fully plan on "lighting his menorah" or "decorating his tree" - whatever you want to call it. In other words - I plan on getting the goods one way or another! LOL!

Well I think I am off to have a snack and take a nice afternoon nap! Enjoy your day folks!

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Kevin Long said...

Have you ever thought about using Ebay. Don't tell your potential friend. I receive jackets from my sister. I got four over the past 4 years. And I did not tell her what I did with it. I sold then on Ebay and got over $100 and I bought something nice for myself.