Sunday, December 14, 2008

Un-welcome house guest arrives right on time....

It's actually a pretty decent likeness of me this morning when I woke up to the "period cramps from Hell" AF made her timely arrival with quite a lot of painful, cramping fanfair this morning around 7:30am. It is such a lovely way to wake up - rushing down to the bathroom leaning over holding your back. Thank GOD for NSAIDS - It took about a half hour but they finally kicked in enough for me to relax again.

Even though I am crampy and uncomfortable today, I am feeling SOOOOO much better than I did before I passed that darn stone. It is absolutely amazing to me!

Jim and I went out last night to do a bit more holiday shopping. We popped in our Holiday music CD's and just cruised around. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary but we had a really nice time together. I think the times like that are my favorite ones to share with my husband.
Very simple and honest. I am trying hard to stay grateful for the things I do have. Time alone with my husband is something I really value (most of the time )
On this TTC journey it's easy to forget the things you do have and to feel grateful when you have month after month of failed preggers attempts. There is one thing I am totally grateful for......

I am so very grateful today that I have an incredible husband!
He gets me coffee when I am feeling lazy. He makes a monthly "chocolate run" when AF arrives and I am grumpy.

He brushes off my car in the morning after heavy snow falls so that I don't have to freeze my tush off before work. He takes such good care of me when I am sick. He sends me to the hairdresser when he notices the gray taking over my head. He gets my Dunkin Donuts coffee & bagel and leaves it for me before work.
Mostly though - He loves me for who I am - good or bad and he makes me laugh everyday.

So on to a new month, new cycle and new year of preggers chances. I am not giving up faith that somehow, some way, just one of those little swimmers will make a miracle happen.
I hope God hears me - I STILL have faith.

That's the scoop for the day....Hugs, and holiday wishes!

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