Thursday, December 18, 2008


For all you Non-Jews out there, I thought I might give you a sneak peek at what a Christmas day in the life of Jenn is like. I am forever answering the question, "what do YOU do on Christmas day Jenn?" Well folks, this video sums it up! Enjoy!

BABYTRAIN UPDATE - CD5 and waiting to ovulate - ALWAYS ALWAYS waiting hehehe!!!
I do have to say that I did not get around to blogging last night as my darling husband decided that "he was in the mood" as evidenced by him coming up behind me and "honking" my boobies!
YES - you heard me right - HONKING the boobies. OH the indignity (not really) LOL!
In any case, I have come to learn on this journey that when given an opportunity to just have plain good ole' fashioned sex (no matter the time of the month) I gladly jump at the chance. Doing it for the sake of feeling good and spending time with DH is awesome for a change.
I became a complete lump after our time together and decided to stay under the covers instead of getting back up to blog. That's my story and I am sticking to it!

Not too much to tell this morning and my brain is struggling without my caffeine so I will say goodbye for now! Hugs and stuff til later!

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