Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have spent the entire day WISHING that this were an invention you could pick up at your local Walmart store. My immune system is definitely shot this year - My nose started getting congested last night and then just as I was headed off to bed, one nostril got plugged up. Now I am sure many of you can lay down to go to sleep and you turn on one side. The next thing you know, you can't breathe through one nostril so you turn over in the hopes that your other nostril will cooperate a bit more. AHHHH relief for a few minutes and you start to drift off to sleep - then WHAM.....That nostril gets plugged up. You compromise and lay on your back but that only ends up plugging both nostrils. Add in the lovely "nasal whistle" that accompanies all this and it makes for quite the exciting nights sleep.

We "officially" finished all holiday shopping this morning - HALLELUJAH!!!!!! I was so happy to be done with that. I even came home and promptly wrapped the last few items (GO ME!)

On a happy note - I am also "officially" hair-colored today - No more gray for this lady!!!!!
I found a great stylist in town and was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful job she did.
Interestingly enough, when I was chatting with her during my color process, I found out that she dealt with infertility too. Amazing what you find out when you are candid about trying to conceive. So not only did I come out of the salon with a great color and cut, but I actually had a great conversation with this lady. Not too bad for your average Saturday in Geneva!

Jim and I are headed off to bed early to prepare for tomorrow's Hannukah celebration at Mom and Dad's house - otherwise known as ................................................................................................

Don't ask.....I just thought a picture of a cat with a Latke on his head was hilarious!!!!
Maybe it's just me.....LOL!
In all actuality, I could really see this type of thing happening at my parent's house if they had a cat. The nephews have a mind of their own not to mention QUITE the imagination! Thank goodness my parents have a dog! I am sure the day will be filled with large quantities of food, most importantly some of mom's fabulous latkes! YUMMY!!! The do rock!!!

Since we don't get the chance to all be together very much around the holidays, we will be doing our combined Christmas/Hannukah gift exchange. Mostly we just love to watch the nephews try to contain their excitement at getting all their presents - Christmas & Hannukah both!
They Love it but by the end of the evening - all the adults are totally worn out! I am sure by the time we get home tomorrow, Jim and I will more than ready for bed.

So I am pretty sure that there will be no blog for tomorrow. I promise to catch you all up at the start of the new week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Hannukah to those who are celebrating! May your holiday be latke and dreidel filled!

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