Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can you say "Antibiotics?" I thought you could.

Yep - I am getting back to feeling like my old self again!

I want to give the inventor of the Z-PAK a HUGE shout out!!!! 24hrs of this antibiotic has made me feel human again. It is absolutely amazing.

I also want to mention my wonderful, adoring husband who lovingly brought home a vaporizer for me yesterday with vicks drops to add. It really helped me sleep more comfortably last night. I love that man - he has a heart of gold!!!

All of the goop and gunk in my lungs is now breaking up and I am coughing like a maniac but I am not going to complain. I feel 50% better today than yesterday. I am actually getting my voice back but am still behaving by keeping quiet. I want to be able to actually answer the phone at work tomorrow!

5DPO and nothing to report on the baby front. I am too busy coughing to notice anything remotely close to a sign or symptom. I still have to do my pelvic MRI but because of the whole fiasco I had with the timing last time, I have to wait until right after my period. I am scheduled to do the MRI in a little over two weeks. By that time I will either know I am preggers or have my period and will be safe to have this test. (hoping for the first option)

Got a few presents wrapped today - WOOHOO!!!! Spent the rest of the day laying low, resting and coughing out all those germies. Incidentally, I found out my cat "Baby" really does NOT like it when I am coughing. He sits across the room staring me down while I cough - it's as if he is saying " what ARE you doing Mom? - whatever it is - STOP IT!" I love that cat but he is so weird at times. Actually most of the time to be honest.

So that's the news for the day....will catch up soon! HUGS

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