Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friends forever.........

Happy Saturday everyone - I am feeling significantly better than I was earlier this week. I am just trying to take it easy this weekend and catch up on some house stuff.

For those of you used to my funny or silly pics, you are probably wondering what today's
"bear hug" is all about. Let me elaborate a bit.

The week of Thanksgiving my mom called me to tell me some bad news.
I had a friend Mary that I went to high school with and was amazingly close to for quite awhile. About five years ago I was going through my own stuff and decided to let go of our friendship. It's amazing when I look back and try and remember why or what that was all about but to be perfectly honest, I don't even remember the details now.
In any case, We had not spoken for five years.

What mom had called to tell me was that Mary's husband John, whom I was very close to as well, had passed away suddenly. John was only 47 yrs old. I was in complete shock and my heart sank when I heard that news. It made me think about Mary and her family. It made me think about the friendship we had. It made me think about my actions.
Mostly it made me think that life is too short to be hung up on the small things and to appreciate the really important things, like family and true friends.

Over the last year or two I had often thought of contacting Mary to say I was sorry but I was always so afraid she would be angry or reject me. I knew this was my God given opportunity to reach out to her. I decided to write her a letter as I was afraid to just call out of the blue during such a difficult time in her life. I did write the letter, gave my phone # and email address and sent it off which some trepidation.

To my amazement and great happiness, Mary responded immediately with a beautiful email welcoming me to call or write her anytime. She was so gentle and honest in the letter. She was full of love. I was really excited to get the chance to talk with her.

Last night, I decided to call Mary to try and catch up. She picked up the phone exactly the way I remember her, as if no time had passed. So many things were said, apologies, condolences, and just life stuff. It was truly the best and most meaningful conversation I have had with a friend in a long time. We both had moved beyond any stuff in the past and just decided to start fresh. I never realized how much I missed her til she was not in my life.

I realized that so much has happened over this last year. Some good things, some really bad things but mostly that time passes so quickly. To have the opportunity to have a "do over" with a true friend is such a precious gift. It is bigger than ALL the bad things that have happened.

I wish that it had not come to Mary having to lose her husband to get me to take the initiative and contact her. It made me realize that if I am ever in that type of situation again, I will not wait. All I can do now is let her know that I missed her, that I love her and that I am there for her now. I am blessed she is my friend.

I needed to share this with you all - especially around the holidays when we all get caught up in the "stuff" Don't forgot the true blessings and gifts you have in your life!

I know this will be my "FAVORITE HANNUKAH" gift this season!
Love ya Mary!

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