Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blessed relief or my stone is bigger than your stone!

Yep - that's the pic of the ACTUAL kidney stone I finally passed this morning !!! Can I get a Hallelujah? Amen? Oh the blessed relief of knowing I will NOT be expecting anymore pain. I was so excited and wired after peeing it out that I ran upstairs with the strainer and woke the hubby up to show him! Hehehehe!!!
He was truly underwhelmed - LOL!

AF has not officially made her arrival but the cramps and bloating are getting pretty intense so I am sure she will be here any moment. The joy of not having to deal with anymore kidney stone far outweighs my disappointment of having another failed TTC month.

I guess it's all relative.

In any case, I am looking forward to being able to have a great weekend now that I am over that ordeal!

I did want to send out some special birthday wishes to my dad today! Love you Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not too much else to report -
I will update ya'll as soon as any other pressing news comes to light.

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