Sunday, April 26, 2009

Show & Tell - Sunshine and new bras........

Welcome one - Welcome all.....It is that time again for your weekly Show & Tell a la Mel!!!
Come join the rest of the class and check out what everyone else is showing...............................
Stirrup Queens & Sperm Jesters Palace

So ladies and gentlemen....Yesterday was a great day!

Got up early with hubby - spent the morning trolling yard sales amidst the most INCREDIBLE
warm, sunny, 80 degree weather we have had as of late.

In the afternoon, made a special jaunt out to one of our favorite roadside ice cream stands called
"The Whippy Dip" (and yes, if you are ever in the area - it is a MUST STOP place!)
The place over 30 flavors of soft-serve ice cream. Cake batter and chocolate brownie batter - just to name a few of these luscious treats!!!

Headed back home to catch up on some yard work, a brief rest and some Zoey playtime!!!

Which brings me to Picture #1 for S & T:

Betcha can't guess whose hiding in my hoodie pocket?
Betcha also can't guess who fell asleep there for an hour?

It was a bit humorous, ironic and weird to be walking around with a "faux baby bump"!!!
Who woulda thunk?

After catching up a bit at home, hubby and decided to go out and do some shopping.
The trip was multi-focused:

1. purchase some new, longer-lasting tiki torches for our "Monkey Bar and Grill area"
2. purchase myself some new hearty "boobie holders" (bras is such a boring term)
3. purchase hubby some new short-sleeve shirts

Hubby and I split up in the store to tackle our lists.

I headed directly into the lingerie section and surprisingly enough was able to pick out three
good choices of bras right off the bat!

Now this may not SEEM like a major accomplishment to all you "regular boobie sized gals" with all your hundreds of cute choices BUT for a heavy hitter like can be a very daunting task. Usually not much to choose from and at times NOT the cutest selection!
(and YES...I DID just list my bra size - DEAL WITH IT!!!)

So for Show and Tell pic #2 - my bra selection for your enjoyment:

Please note the clearance tag on one of the was actually half THAT price (WOOT!!!)
The middle bra had a $2 off coupon as well which by the way got doubled (double coupon week at K-mart rocks)
Needless to say I think I spent a total of about $30.00 for all three bras which I think is about the BEST BRA PROCUREMENT I have ever had! (Go me!!!)

After my successful bra jaunt, I was able to help hubby pick out three new shirts which I think look incredibly handsome on him!!! ( he wouldn't let me take a pic )

We finished up at K-mart and headed out to Lowe's to look for the Tiki Torches.
Ended up getting two wrought iron ones with copper bowls which are really nice!

After shopping we met up with friends at a new Italian restaurant in our area called
LITTLE ITALY and had dinner.
This was our first trip there and I am SOOOOO glad we went!
It was amazing. Apparently the owners are really Italian and the grandfather has been baking for years. Their food was outstanding but their baked goods were HEAVENLY!!!

We normally don't get dessert however made a total exception in this case.
I brought home a chocolate truffle brownie and hubby brought home a peanut butter pie slice.

Worth every last stinking calorie!!!!

We ended our evening with our friends sitting in our "Monkey Bar & Grill" area with our
fire pit roaring and our new tiki torches all aglow!!!!

I think a very nice end to a perfect day - wouldn't you say?



Beautiful Mess said...

Nice score on your bras! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I want to come over and sit in your Monkey Bar and Grill. Do you all make dirty martinis? I'll bring the vodka and the shaker if you don't have one already. Have a GREAT Sunday!

Cara said...

Bra shopping and DEALS are two things that don't usually go together! Well done!!!

We have Angel Wings said...

New bra's are always a nice investment. Gotta hold the girls up, ya know!?

one-hit_wonder said...

LOL at "boobie holders." Good job! I hate bra-shopping - everything made seems to be for 32A'ers.

Candice said...

I love getting a good deal on bras. I hate that they are so expensive!

Heather said...

Sounds like a really nice day. :)

Coffeegrl said...

OOOh. Soft ice cream. I love it!

WiseGuy said...

Love..Support..Satisfaction...the theme of the post is swell!!!

Lovely post....Zoey had such a great sleep experience!

~Jess said...

YAY for new bras! I hate going bra shopping (38D) definitely got some great steals: I usually end up paying $30 for one.

Sounds like an awesome italian restaurant and an overall great weekend.


Kristin said...

I personally like the term over the shoulder boulder holder and refer to the contents of said holder as my boobage.

I have a great post that lists some sites that sell good quality large sized bras. I Had to find these sites as I wear a 40 L (yes, L).

Anonymous said...

:) ha, great post.


Parenthood For Me said...

Sounds like a great and eventful day. I love days like that. We finally had beautiful weather too.

Anonymous said...

Wow you got so much done ! and what a great ending to a super day ! Go you !!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Wow... that is a fabulous deal on your bras! I hate bra shopping with a passion.