Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things you need in life............

How nice it would be if it were really that simple!

Busted Uterus? Duct tape it.

Rusty tubes and slow swimmers? Add a litte WD40 and voila!!!! smooth sailing all around.

This is where my mind wanders off into it's own little world.....

A world that contains the following equations:

love-making = pregnancy AND
pregnancy = healthy baby

A girl can dream right????

Funny how although we are now actively pursuing adoption to build our family that there is still this tiny sniggling infertility voice in the nether regions of my brain that continues to speak to me.

The conversations generally go something like this:

IF: "Hey Jenn, Jenn.....Jennnnnnnn!!!!"

JENN: "What do you want? (said with disgust, annoyance and eyes rolling)

IF: "Why don't you just try ONE more time?" "Just ONE more cycle"

JENN: "Are you fucking retarded? - We have been through this already. ENOUGH"

IF: "Easy there sparky.....I am NOT retarded (Bitch!- said under her breath)"

JENN: "Sorry about that....just a little touchy today"

IF: "No problem - although I guess your moodiness can't be blamed on TTC anymore eh?"
(snickers to herself)

JENN: "Nice - and thank you for that reminder"

IF: "Hey Jenn, Jenn, .........JENN!!!!!!!!!!!"

JENN: "WHAT.....for God's sakes.....WHAT?"

IF: "Jenn - you know you hear stories all the time about woman in their late thirties/early forties, with fertility problems, finally 'relaxing', starting adoption classes and POOF!!! they get preggers" "Maybe that will happen for you"

JENN: "Fat chance there Capt Optimism.....I have a better chance of losing 100lbs, putting on a bikini and performing on Dancing With the Stars"

IF: "Wow.....thanks for that visual (shudders to herself)" "But still.....It could happen!"

JENN: "Doubtful - Now Can we talk about something else.....like maybe chocolate or kittens?"

IF: "Sheesh.........only trying to help" "Chocolate........mmmm! You gonna get me some?"

And then my mind wanders off to a land of chocolate AND kittens!!! A great combination I say!

So speaking of adoption stuff:
We are officially signed up to start the adoption classes through the county.
They start May 4th and run through June. They are twice a week from 6p - 9p.

We decided to pursue going through the county to help defray some of the costs involved with this process. In the meantime, we are going to actively continue to put the word out and search for a birth mother on our own.

Hopefully this is the right route for us to take - but I am sure we will learn as we go along.
As for our new little "Furbaby - Zoey"....
Took her to the vet yesterday to check out her eye.
She has an upper respiratory infection and eye infection as well.
The doc put her on a liquid antibiotic and eye ointment.
She is in otherwise good health - she weighs in at a whopping 1lb.

She is a total escape artist and we had to be pretty creative to find something to keep her in her room - using a storm window as a gate.

Last night when I put her back in her room, I noticed she had tinkled in her litter box for the first time!!! WOOHOO!!!! Such a big girl!!! I was so excited and shocked that I actually called my parents to tell them. (Yep - I am THAT big of a dork!)

Can you imagine when we get our child? OY VEY?

I am hanging in there - caught a bit of a cold myself this week.
I don't know who is sneezing and snarfing more....me or Zoey.

That's the scoop for now....Wishing you all a chocolate and kitten filled week!!!



mekate said...

Yay to the chocolate and kittens.
Glad Zoey will soon be on the mend. And Oy to the "just one more time" voice. Oh yeah. I know that voice. It sounds so reasonable.
I think the fact you are pursuing parenthood with your heart so wide open, no matter what avenue or avenues you choose just shows how ready you are to do this thing, however it comes to you and the universe will finally deliver (just usually via a route we never thought we'd be taking). So, I say, have great frolicky date nights (someone is in those percentages, might as well be you), and enjoy the classes, and good luck with the whole process however it unfolds. I love your humor about this (which I realize is perhaps the thing that saves you)-- it is great to think of how easy life would be if this = that. But think of the fun we would miss. Oh right. It hasn't actually been that fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm STILL loling and your duct tape/wd40 comments! Dang, to think of all the money I've spent on IF treatements with my RE??????

I have a good friend who adopted and STILL talks about IF calling her name and biting her now and then. IF doesn't ever go away, I think, sad as that is.

Congrats on getting things folling in the adoption department! That is so exciting!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Get out of my head!! I have the same conversations with IF. :)

And yea for getting the ball rolling on your adoption journey.

Phoebe said...

Hilarious flow chart! Yeah, I wish it worked that way!! I'll take the chocolate and kittens anyday!

Happy ICLW!

Indigo said...

I've heard it happens, as soon as you adopt you get pg, so I've got my fingers crossed for you!

Zoey is ADORABLE!!!!


Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for adoption classes AND Zoey going potty in the cat box! Way to go Zoey! Next time IF starts callin your name, kick her in the throat.
Have a GREAT day!

Nicole said...

What a great IF conversation...I've had that same one I think!

And love hearing about the new kitty! We have 5 kitty cats of our own and miss those days when they were so tiny and cute!

Happy ICLW!

Scrambled Egg said...

Love this! =)

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate for me please.

Anonymous said...

oooo chocolate and kittens! I remeber how excited i was when my little kitten went in her box for the first time too lol!

I'm so glad to hear things are moving forward in your adoption process.

Best of luck !


Anonymous said...

Wow - I am glad I found your blog today! (Got here via Eve and Infertility Rocks!) I am probably just a few months behind where you're at with regards to switching from IF to adoption and I am having those conversations in my head as we speak / type. Maybe just one more cycle, maybe somehow a miracle will happen. Thanks for posting this and I look forward to reading more about your journey. :-)

Mama Bear said...

good luck on your adoption journey!! your kitty is adorable!