Thursday, April 30, 2009

I love my boobies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got to wear one of the "new bras" that I got the other day......

OMG - it was unbelievable!

I could not keep my eyes and hands off my boobs all day!

My boobs were actually where they belong as opposed to their normal daily migration south.

I had to give my co-workers a disclaimer about why I was feeling myself up all day.
(not that they would bat an eyelash at my behavior anyway)

I am giving a big old SHOUT OUT to PLAYTEX.....THANK YOU for that bra!!!!
My boobs have not looked this good since I was in my twenties!

On to non-tata related topics....

My body has been acting very odd this week:
I have been..........
Amazingly tired (sleeping soundly)
Belly very sore (mostly last two days)
Spotting on and off (AF came and went over the weekend)
Emotions all over the place (not anything new but thought I would mention it)


Can anyone out there give me thoughts, opinions, ideas on this......
I am at a total loss!

Zoey is biting my feet and hubby is whining for me to come to bed soon.

Not much else to share!

Hugs and Kitty kisses!



Beautiful Mess said...

I love your mood report. I was reading this and my husband passed by my computer and saw your booby picture and said "hey, I like THAT!" lol, silly boys! I have no idea whats up with your body, could it be stress? I know my body goes CRAZY when I'm stressed out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Beautiful Mess, I love your mood report! :) Yay for your boobies! There's nothing better than a new bra that fits correctly.

As for your body - I'm going through the same thing. My body is giving me mixed messages & I don't know why. All I know is that it sucks & I 'm sorry that you're going through it too!